Friday, September 30, 2011


My moment to moment mantra is:
 I know what I dont want, so what do I want?

No matter what is going on in my head or in my any situation arises I make the above statement and then I ask myself what I want.  It allows me to re-frame my perception..So I do not feel helpless or out of control, nor do I feel controlled by circumstances that are not what I desire.

In early August of this year, I began with my food.  I completely cut animal meat out of my diet.  Since then I have lost weight effortlessly...mood/emotions have been balanced and clear. Digestion issues have completely cleared up.  I feel awesome and have a lot of good energy.  This is what I wanted so of course I am pleased with the results. Here is my Twitter Gallery...see what I eat!/1rawgirl/media/grid

All around me, I see and hear people talk about all the things that they are unhappy or displeased with in their life.  People spend a lot of time consumed with negative stories and beliefs that make it very difficult for a space of love and truth to turn things in their life around.  Struggle, anger and frustration seem to be a big part of peoples focus.  This was how I felt far too often, until I turned things around with the tools I now use. I am so happy that I am finally getting the hang of manifesting the reality that I want to experience. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the unexpected or by anyone else's unbalanced behavior or actions.  I would also like to point out that it is incredibly easy to focus on what you do want once you QUIT thinking and focusing on what you dont!!! The main work is staying on top of your own mind, the stories that you tell yourself and not allowing anyone or anything to tell/convince you otherwise.  It also helps to refrain from engaging in negative stories with other people.

Negative emotions are simply there to clue you show you what you dont want.  They are a tool.  A tool is there to help you, it's not suppose to hinder you, or rule your life...but often people use it as an excuse to say to themselves and to others, "see...this is how it is and I wish it would change but it never will."  That kind of thinking is why nothing can it?  What we think and feel is a big part of how we create our life experiences!

So first, it's not easy to change a lifetime of negative conditioning, but it can be done and no one is going to do it for are the only one who can find the tools that feel right to you and then use them consistently in your life... so you begin to experience a life that feels good, a life that feels good more often then not.

 If I can do it...anyone can! 

I would suggest starting right away...because it takes time to build up critical mass and you must be willing to push through the old way of reacting...but once you do, the world will truly open up and pour out blessings of love and joy upon you 

Why not begin here with one of my Favorite lifestreamers/life creators Jessica Mullen 

♥ I also just adore Tre who does Thought by Thought