Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love this company
I found them on FaceBook...I love them so much that I decided to write a blog post about them 

McNall is the AWESOME lady who started this sweet lil card business. Her sweetheart Soozie inspired her...she is now building an arty love biz empire and I am glad she is!  I love her style, whimsy and her motivation

This is information about McNall, and why she started her business

Go to FaceBook and like
and get your own free personalized loveitcard! and pass on the love yo! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I copy and pasted info about homeostasis from Wikipedia. 

 Its important to understand why people stay in certain patterns of behavior that they do not enjoy, yet seem unable to change.  Homeostasis is a very large part of the puzzle.

"Author George Leonard discusses in his book Mastery how homeostasis affects our behavior and who we are. He states that homeostasis will prevent our body from making drastic changes and maintain stability in our lives even if it is detrimental to us.[11] Examples include when an obese person starts exercising, homeostasis in the body resists the activity to maintain stability.[12] Another example Leonard uses is an unstable family where the father has been a raging alcoholic and suddenly stops and the son starts up a drug habit to maintain stability in the family. Homeostasis is the main factor that stops people changing their habits because our bodies view change as dangerous unless it is very slow. Leonard discusses this dilemma as the media today only encourages fast change and quick results. The opening of his book aptly describes his despair with the current state of the world and how it is at war with homeostasis. "The trouble is that we have few, if any, maps to guide us on the journey or even to show us how to find the path. The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We're continually bombarded with the promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction.""

I have been eating a mostly raw food diet for over a decade.  However I was living a life with a certain level of stress and habits that often hindered my efforts to achieve certain goals. I was often frustrated and angry, mostly at myself for not being able to stick with habits that I knew were good for me. It wasn't until I discovered hypnosis that I really began to learn how to change my life-script.  Thanks to the help of a very dedicated hypnotherapist, and changing my life partner, I have been able to turn my life around.
 Often I have found that people I have talked with about hypnosis, have a very limited idea of what hypnosis is and what it does.  I heard a lot of "Oh I cant be hypnotized or I don't want anyone playing around with my head".  Truth is people are too busy playing around in their own head and making a mess of things and feel too overwhelmed to allow anyone to help them push through homeostasis.  
This post is my way of helping people understand what Hypnosis is and what it can be used for and to dispel the myths surrounding hypnosis. 
recommend the Free Hypnosis 101 course to start with.  It has been extremely useful to me and it may be for you as well.
HMI or the Hypnotherapy Motivational Institute is the first Nationally Credited College of Hypnotherapy.  They offer a free course to people who want to be a Certified Hypnotist (not hypnotherapist).  
I have taken the course and I LOVE the information that I have learned. Knowing that I can use self-hypnosis to help me stay on track and achieve any goal I set for myself is a very empowering feeling. I highly recommend taking the free course and learning about the awesome tools that the Hypnosis offers.  

Real and lasting change for a better/healthier life experience is what most people desire.  The surest way for that to happen is learning how to push past homeostasis in a way that is will-power needed. 

 Effective change comes in small steps that are seeded in your subconscious mind.  Learn how to do this and the world around you begins to reflect the internal changes that your mind starts to accept. It's very important to understand that your own brain is trying to protect you and override conscious decisions you attempt to make when any kind of change is involved...good or bad. 

 Hypnosis has been a very important and effective tool for me.  I have learned not only how to manage stress and to change behaviors that no longer serve me, but I am able to use the power of suggestion to cultivate desired habits and attitudes within myself that allow me to live a very fulfilling and enjoyable life experience.  


You are getting sleepy, very sleepy....just the research and live your best life, as far as anyone knows its the only one your living and experiencing right now...Be as awesome and happy as you can possibly be and then some 

Much Love
~Margo Ameera
p.s. This is not a paid endorsement for HMI.  I am sharing this information solely for the purpose of sharing tools that help people to help themselves  Because I use the these tools myself ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Click and watch this video of:

Gala and Halcyon touched upon some very good points in the above video. 
 They both agree there are not enough people Lifestreaming positive feed. 
.If you feel the call to be a lifestreamers sharing positive tools and messages, then go for it!
Join a group of people who love to be supportive and encouraging on FB.

Living life with a positive spin takes focus and practice. 

People Like Jessica Mullen and Kelly Cree are great examples of bright, enthusiastic people who are willing to share how they are living their bliss, manifesting beauty and bringing fun into their daily lives. 

 I personally choose to read/watch content that is filled with good energy!

★There is no better moment to start living a satisfying life experience then now. 

★Nothing can hold you back, nothing can stop you!  

★Get acquainted with this list of Doers and get inspired!

★Fill up your tool box and create your beautiful life!

The links below are by people writing their own unique and beautiful LIFE STORY.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Garden Love

Here are some recent pics I took a couple of days ago of my garden.
I have 6 beautiful morel mushrooms growing in my wildflower garden...I love Spring :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creating a Kickstarter Project for 2012

Now the real work begins as we prepare our BIG Launch! stay tuned...

The Sage Garden

This site is our kickstarter project in a nutshell.  We are still putting together some of the required information, however we submitted our project to Kickstarter for approval on New Years Eve.  It should only take 2-3 days for approval and then we can really get excited about whats to follow!!!

This is our Kickstarter Page (once we are approved then it will be fleshed out).

If this resonates with you, please share it with everyone you know...we truly appreciate all the help we receive to manifest this beautiful dream into being for the New Year- 2012!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011


My moment to moment mantra is:
 I know what I dont want, so what do I want?

No matter what is going on in my head or in my any situation arises I make the above statement and then I ask myself what I want.  It allows me to re-frame my perception..So I do not feel helpless or out of control, nor do I feel controlled by circumstances that are not what I desire.

In early August of this year, I began with my food.  I completely cut animal meat out of my diet.  Since then I have lost weight effortlessly...mood/emotions have been balanced and clear. Digestion issues have completely cleared up.  I feel awesome and have a lot of good energy.  This is what I wanted so of course I am pleased with the results. Here is my Twitter Gallery...see what I eat!/1rawgirl/media/grid

All around me, I see and hear people talk about all the things that they are unhappy or displeased with in their life.  People spend a lot of time consumed with negative stories and beliefs that make it very difficult for a space of love and truth to turn things in their life around.  Struggle, anger and frustration seem to be a big part of peoples focus.  This was how I felt far too often, until I turned things around with the tools I now use. I am so happy that I am finally getting the hang of manifesting the reality that I want to experience. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the unexpected or by anyone else's unbalanced behavior or actions.  I would also like to point out that it is incredibly easy to focus on what you do want once you QUIT thinking and focusing on what you dont!!! The main work is staying on top of your own mind, the stories that you tell yourself and not allowing anyone or anything to tell/convince you otherwise.  It also helps to refrain from engaging in negative stories with other people.

Negative emotions are simply there to clue you show you what you dont want.  They are a tool.  A tool is there to help you, it's not suppose to hinder you, or rule your life...but often people use it as an excuse to say to themselves and to others, "see...this is how it is and I wish it would change but it never will."  That kind of thinking is why nothing can it?  What we think and feel is a big part of how we create our life experiences!

So first, it's not easy to change a lifetime of negative conditioning, but it can be done and no one is going to do it for are the only one who can find the tools that feel right to you and then use them consistently in your life... so you begin to experience a life that feels good, a life that feels good more often then not.

 If I can do it...anyone can! 

I would suggest starting right away...because it takes time to build up critical mass and you must be willing to push through the old way of reacting...but once you do, the world will truly open up and pour out blessings of love and joy upon you 

Why not begin here with one of my Favorite lifestreamers/life creators Jessica Mullen 

♥ I also just adore Tre who does Thought by Thought 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

2 Wonderful Sites you should check out

Spreading the word about a great way to get your project funded with NO pay back! Some incredibly awesome projects have been funded, and anything donated past the Goal amount is yours to keep and do with it what you will! :)

It's free, it's cool, It's a way to take quick easy payments without an expensive credit card machine.
Just pop it into your cell phone and away you go.

I dont get anything for blogging this info.  I really Love what these two sites offer. Truly :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

It takes love to grow...

I have been practicing staying in a balanced and sane space...alot lately!
I have been eating Chia seed pudding with child like enthusiasm and pleasure...
I have been moving through tumultuous emotions that have wrung me out like a wet washcloth again and again...
Today as my mind was ranting and venting and my heart was pausing and breathing I heard a song by Edie Brickell that fit so perfectly what I have been going through with someone who was once close to me...
It takes Love...this song said it so beautifully. I just know that after this storm passes the rainbow will sparkle brighter and clearer then always does!

I am naturally optimistic... maybe its the chia seeds or my dedication to choosing thoughts that feel good especially when it seems most the really does take grow past all the drama and misery that we cause ourselves...


Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderling ♡


- 4 dictionary results


  [flej-ling]  Show IPA
a young bird just fledged.
an inexperienced person.
young, new, or inexperienced: a fledgling diver.

A fledgling bird must always leave the nest. 

I am not a bird, so I decided that I prefer the term Wonderling. 
The way a bird takes to the sky is the way a Wonderling takes to Wonderland.
Wonderland is not a place you's what you ARE.
Its a state of mind or being.
Its how you go about your day...feeling good!


There are lots of ways I can practice physically to feel attuned!
There are also ways I practice mentally so my thoughts are attuned as well.
A human can be tuned much like a musical instrument.
If I am "In Tune" Then I feel good.
If someone I am interacting with is out of tune, so what?!
My job is not to tune other people!
My best option is choosing Attunement for myself.

What attunes me to happiness and well being?
I believe that Source Energy is what Attunes me to what ever I want to create and experience in my life.

I choose to focus on what I DO want in my life ( not what I dont).
This is a very important aspect of utilizing the Law of Attraction.
I am given plenty of opportunities throughout my day to practice the art of Attunement. 
When your out of tune you attract more of the same discord into your life.  
It's in my best interest not to focus on the discord but on Attunement.
Devotion.. pure and simple devotion and willingness to practice.
Devotion to Love... to yourself, your life, to Happiness and feeling good, great & wonderful... 

I allow the time and attention necessary to practice.
The benefits are enormously rewarding for myself and my loved ones.

When I am "Out of Tune I notice and observe how I feel.
 Typically I do not feel good either mentally or physically or both.
This is always my first clue that I am not flowing with Source Energy.
If I am not flowing with Source Energy then I am not in my Wonderland.

From here only One of two things can happen:
1. I  ignore how I am feeling and continue with the discomfort.
2. I recognize that I am not feeling good and decide that feeling good is what I prefer.

Attuning to my Source Energy:

1. I Decide what want
2. I Attune with my choice in ways that feel good for me to imagine
3. I Practice the good feelings that the new choice generates in me
4. I Allow myself to receive what I am focused and attuned to
5. I Appreciate and feel pleasant expectation towards my desire and respond as though it is true now.

So Wonderland is simply this:
If you could be anything you want to be and you ARE~that is Wonderland
If you could have anything you desire and you DO~that is Wonderland
If you could feel Content and Well within your whole Being and  BE~that is Wonderland

See you in Wonderland 

P.S. All you Lifestreamers who especially use Law of Attraction tools, Abraham/Hicks Teachings, Etc... email me ur links or leave your links in the comments :) 
Would like to know you and be supportive of your practice! 

Your either in the vortex or your here for more

Sunday, March 13, 2011

♡ Be your own Dr.Feel Good ♡

What Feels Good to You?

Here is a short list of my feel goods:

Upon Waking I greet the Day with Appreciation and Set my Intention

Eating fresh fruits and all the mixed greens I want daily...Smoothies & Juices Rock!

Quality interactions with my Family

Body Movement: Dharma Yoga, Dancing, Acro Yoga, Walking, Stretching, Hooping etc...

Face the Day with Courage via Cold water

Lighting a candle and giving Appreciation for All

Long, snuggly, melty hugs with my Love(s)

Moving and playing in my Garden

Listening to beautiful music

Being outside enjoying Nature

watching TED and being Inspired

Being on an Adventure

I set myself up to win.
I choose activities that feel good to me.
I carry this energy with me throughout my day.
Feeding my spirit with all the beauty and joy I like.
It's why I'm here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

♡ Beep Beep Lifestream Transmission ♡

It's a Vibrational Match! Yipppeeeeeeee

When I begin my day, I decide how I want to groove...thoughts and emotions are how I generate a transmission to the Universe. Choosing thoughts that feel good to me are the are key via the Law of Attraction, so easily and effortlessly receiving back into my life what I'm putting out into the world.

Jessica Mullen clearly communicates about The Golden Rule on her site. It's really the only Rule that anyone need ever follow or keep in mind as they move throughout their day!
It sets the tone for the Transmissions you're sending out. Even when you are not trying, you put out a transmission to the Universe. Why be Passive? Choosing Transmissions that feel good is good for you!!

For a happy, balanced life, perfection is not the necessary focus...practice is :)
Practicing the Golden Rule is a perfect start.

I began my morning enjoying fresh juicy pineapple and writing this post and am now off to play in the garden for the afternoon. Soaking up sunshine and fresh air...moving my body.
Practice I adore while being surrounded by the beauty of a very fine spring day.

Ahhhh Spring... I ♡ U

End of Transmission...beep...beep :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings..Again and Again for Always....♡

Saying goodbye to one dream can be overwhelming, especially if it was a life experience you were looking forward to.
It’s been 4 days since I had a miscarriage. For me, the Key is Saying Hello to my new dreams!
I allow the tears to flow when they must, but I don't live in the pain of loss, I refuse to dwell in the hollow cave of suffering and doesn't feel good to me, so I choose not to hang out there.

When life takes unexpected turns, having the tools to help me focus and direct my own emotional state of Well-Being is essential. Reaching for thoughts that feel good, in the midst of trauma and personal suffering is not only do-able, it is a MUST for my happiness and sanity.

I am not a vacant well, waiting to be filled with endless amounts of pain and misery.

I am a Well-Spring.
Overflowing with ceaseless devotion to live, creating and experiencing beauty and joy in my own life.
I recognize that living a life of my own creation requires major commitment on my part and selfishness of the best kind...the willingness to flow with life...moving in direction’s that feel good to me. If I am Selfish and put my happiness first, then sharing my happiness with others is a Selfless act of Joy, the best kind really!

To accomplish this means I must understand how to use my emotions constructively.
I begin each day envisioning and feeling my way as I create a space of appreciation in my life, which always leads to feeling good! The alternative is when I do not focus my intention on seems to automatically create a space of pain and confusion in my life which never feels good.

Change can and does happen suddenly at times and what I was expecting, became unexpected. However, I find that I am willing and able to flow with this experience...I am able to continue to see the beauty all around me, inviting thoughts that feel good to me and creating a rich and fulfilling life for myself, regardless of the changes that come...

What is more important than living my life in the most joyful fashion possible?
There are no setbacks, only possibilities...and I am a curious creature, so for me, nothing is more important than my happiness which means Creating my own Wonderland to thrive in!

This is what feels most natural to me♡

Friday, January 28, 2011


I have found during the last 6 days, that the most important.. #1 thing I MUST do before I do anything anything else upon waking is to lie in my bed and greet my day with thoughts and feelings that feel good to me. To make sure I dont draw a blank, or give my mind time to wander and jump right into the typical mish mash mode of random thoughts, I have a little list next to my bed to remind me of all that I appreciate and feel really good about. This helps me to get started.
Once I have a thought or two that feels really delicious to me, I lie in bed and I savor them. I really allow myself to fully float in the good feelings that the thoughts produce. I have done this every morning since Sunday except on Wednesday, and I will say that Wednesday was not a particularly good day for me. So because of that experience, I have decided never to skip this step, for I have found it to be a supreme way for me to attune myself to the kind of wonderful day I expect to enjoy. If I just jump right out of bed and start doing things on auto pilot or if I allow someone to pull me out of this simple ritual I have allotted time for, then I dont seem to flow as well.

When I am in the flow, EVERYTHING feels Right!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mommy Menus

This Ebook was put together by a very creative lady, Samantha Gibbs. The idea was to have other mom bloggers share their favorite raw foods in a day menu form. These are foods that their kids love and that are simply and easy to make. Check out her blog and read more about the book. It's really full of awesome ideas for meals that kids are sure to love and want more of!

p.s. I also happen to be one of the moms featured in the book, but even if I wasn't, this is still a great book and I would want it in my kitchen to offer ideas on kid friendly raw food creations!

Abraham Hicks . . . . It is good to FEEL GOOD! ;)

Cat Stevens - If you want to sing out

Breaking it down :)

Rampage of Appreciation means that I am focusing my energy on thoughts that feel good to me.  If anything outside of my control indicates anything less than feel good thoughts ( I will know, because I will experience thoughts that dont feel good to me) I will immediately say to myself...I now what I DONT want, Now What DO I want right now?  And the answer is: To feel good!
  So to be connected to my Source Energy and to feel good means that I will be focused and aware of everything that I can appreciate in my life!  This is how I tune in...turn on and connect with the Universe and this is how I begin to really see and feel the Law of Attraction working in my life.  Already I have felt my attitude and energy shift! Once I made my focus on being totally devoted to Appreciation NO MATTER WHAT...I have begun to experience a lot of things to appreciate.  YOU cannot be in a crappy frame of mind at the same time you are actively flowing from a state of appreciation.

It seems that I am indeed attracting more and more things into my awareness to fact the more I look for and focus on things to appreciate the easier it is to feel good!

As a result I am continuing to feel good, inspired, creative and energetic!

There are no limits to the awesome experience's I will have throughout my day just because I am in control over how I am choosing to feel.

My focus in life is about Devotion to Appreciation, Feeling Good and Living Fully in the Flow. What else could be more important then feeling good? All the time!!! I am here to live a life of my own creation and to revel in the beauty and wonder of all that is possible.
  I would also love to hear from other Life Design Creators as well....I will be having guest bloggers who are taking their life design to inspiring levels and I want to learn and share from others who are LIVING a LIFE 0f their own beautiful Design!

So what are you waiting for?  NOW is all there is...get your appreciation on and Feel Good NOW! :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

School of Life Design

30 Days of Hardcore Focus on Appreciation

While many this time of year are getting serious with a fitness regime, I am finding that my needs go much deeper than what a hardcore physical workout can offer me. I am interested in not only designing my outer package, but aligning with my inner space as well! So I am focusing on the inner, knowing the outer will follow, as indeed it must!

The purpose of this is to train my mind to look for things to appreciate instead of things to be unhappy about. Any new habit takes at least 30 days of consistent application for it to take hold and begin to feel automatic.

My motivation to make these changes comes from the realization that I have become far to complacent in my thoughts and far too reactionary in my emotions. It’s time for a change and I have recently discovered tools that I am confident in using and enjoy using, having already begun reaping the benefits of re-directing my focus on appreciation...but there is a bit more to it as well.

I am using the principles outlined in the Abraham-Hicks books. The first book I purchased is called: Ask and it is Given By Esther and Jerry Hicks. These books are based on the law of attraction. Now before you begin rolling your eyes...let me just say in less than 1 months time of establishing the use of these tools in my life I am already seeing and feeling big changes. I don’t use tools that do not work, nor do I promote people or products that I do not feel good about.
I believe in being selfish in the best way possible, so I am doing this for me first and foremost...because I know that ultimately being happy and feeling my best and most productive helps me 1ST and everyone I love 2ND and the rest of the world 3RD. I do what I do, for me and if anything I do brings inspiration, joy or a smile to anyone else, I can live with that. :)

People who are determined to have a crappy attitude are here on this planet for their own reasons, learning their own particular lessons and the choices they make are entirely up to them. I do not have to allow any of it to touch me or what I want in my life. This means I am NOT at the mercy of other peoples bad moods, bad choices, bad anything! The beauty of what this is all about is that I am remembering how to use my GOD/Universe Given gifts of Creation and Power. When I am having a good day, and someone thinks, hey I’m unhappy or I don't like her, so I think I will chuck a large pile of fresh steaming hot poo at her head and watch the hilarity ensue...guess what, they are going to be sadly disappointed because I have awesome powers of poo deflection fields all around me, so when someone tries to throw poo at me, like a big bad ass boomerang, it goes flying right back at the sender! That is a Universal Law...YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE!

Another Universal Law is Like attracts if you have a crappy attitude, look around and notice how many of your acquaintances have a crappy attitude also...Misery LOVES company, the more the merrier, birds of a feather...get my drift? If you want to create a world of beauty to live your life in, you must be clear about what you are creating in your life at present. What I am saying is if you don't like where you are in your life and have this nagging feeling that you are off track...don’t look around blaming others...just accept the beauty and simplicity of this one simple truth...YOU put yourself here and now and you can make all your future here and nows what YOU want them to be...and you can have fun doing it once you get a few simple and effective tools down that will help you get the hang of it. The Law of Attraction is where it all begins.

Your emotions are the clearest most vital indicators of where you’re at in your life. If you live in a regular and consistent state of dis-content, bitching, complaining, dis-satisfaction, anger, sadness, self pity...and on and on then you either want and enjoy continually having these experiences or you are just uncertain how to get out of the cute little hole you have dug yourself into, and if that is the case the GREAT NEWS is that you put yourself there and with some practice and sincere willingness you CAN get the heck outta that hole and be confident that you don't ever have to be in the hole again! EVER (unless YOU so choose) :))

Thanks to the ever inspiring and muse of fun, creativity and inspiration Gala Darling I found out about two lifestreamers Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen. They have put together incredibly useful tools to help others help themselves. I love the energy, passion and commitment of these ladies. They have built the School of Life Design which offers free lessons to help people be happy. They have video podcast’s that I find entertaining and useful also. What inspires me about these two gals is that they are really using the tools of the Law of Attraction in their own lives and you can tell, they are talking the talk and walking the walk. I am making the link available for anyone interested...just in case you want to have some fun and just in case you feel inclined to learn about what tools I am using to Design my Life.

Life Design FREE and if you love it and it helps, consider an appreciation donation for the love and time these ladies took to put it all together to share with everyone :)

CREATE the Life you really want without fear, or doubt...NOW !!!

They are, I AM and You can too! ♡