Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing a Business....

I have been hard at work growing a home based business since Nov. of 09.  Its been quite an adventure and a lot of hard work!  I would not say that being a business person is something that comes naturally to me.  Actually its been a big challenge and I have a lot to learn.  There are days that I feel less than stellar and other days I feel like I am really making progress.  It's all a process and it takes a great amount of time and patience.  All in all though, I really enjoy what I am doing.
  I have a vision.  I have a dream. The short and simple version is: I just CARE!!  People should care about what they eat, where the food comes from, the quality ingredients used and who is preparing the food they consume.
 I have read that food has a higher vibration when it is prayed over, I tend to believe this information.  I believe that food carries energy.  I am very interested in creating snacks that have a high vibration.  I believe it sets my snacks apart from most snacks on the market.  My intention is not to make a fortune at the expense of others, by slopping together any ole recipe, but by sharing my love and joy for life with others through my snacks and for that energy and intention to be a part of my snack preparation process.

 When you care about the food you eat, you should also care about who is preparing that food.
 I only desire to eat food prepared by people who are in love with life.

It me! It should matter to everyone :)

Regardless of your faith or personal beliefs, my snacks are about good energy and loving intention.  Its worth the extra steps I take to ground myself and set my intention for each and every batch of snacks I prepare.

Simply put: I make snacks that Love you back!

Visit my site and let me know what YOU think!  I want to hear from you <3

There is nothing more precious than the SELF!