Thursday, March 26, 2009

Special Guest~Claire~The Raw Bombshell

Congratulations all of you that have participated in Raw in Reno, I trust you’ve all had a great time and have loved eating raw and doing yoga. Thank you to Margo that has asked me for a contribution. I’ve had to decline doing a video due to an accident that has left my face in a mess but its healing and with all the raw goodness I’m sure it will be on the mend soon enough.

The Podcast that Claire has done for the Get Raw in Reno Challenge is Really Wonderful! I really connected with what she shares and I hope you will take the time to listen to it and then take the opportunity to visit her website and sign up for her Free Newsletter. I Signed up and I really enjoy her style and her info!

Hi, I’m Claire, The Raw Bombshell and if you’ve yet to come across my work, please check out my website

My turning point with my raw food journey was when I embarked on a 40 day yoga kriya combined with eating raw food in much the same way as you. This allowed me to get in touch internally with who I am. As the raw food works its magic within, it acts as a gateway to your inner being but it takes work in the form of self-development (yoga being a great tool) to move forward with the raw food journey.

What I love about my work is the opportunity I have to show you how to discover your inner bombshell, that’s what I call your inner essence. This is what makes you unique, what makes you you and allows you to walk with a sense of purpose and passion. The raw food is a portal for you to transform into an amazing being and to claim your raw story. This is a fun process and very enlightening.

I trust as you end the 30 days raw in reno that you have felt this stirring inside of you and that you are seeing the clarity of your life.

If you are looking for the next stage please come on over, sign up for my free eZine which details the latest programmes I’m running, check out my products and drop me an email and say hello.

Much love

Claire x

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raw Mexican Dinner in Reno :)

Me and Laura...the Lovely lady who hosted the party at her awesome home.
everyone lined up buffet style to load their plates up with Fresh Mixed Greens, Corn Chips, Pineapple Salsa, Spanish Rice, Nacho Cheese, Refried Beans, Guacamole and for those Daring enough, really freaking hot Green Salsa!
Green Salsa...super Calente'
Pineapple Salsa
Happy Gringo's
Anastasia's super freakin fantastic Raw Guacamole
Beautiful Smiling Faces...
No one could keep their hands out of the Corn Chips...Thats a GOOD Thing!
The Line of Hungry Folks just kept going and going...yeah!
Oh The yummy goodness of Raw Mexican Food :)
I have noticed that people just can't help but smile when they are at a Raw Food Potluck...its food worth smiling about!
More Margarita enjoyment going on :)
What Lovely Guests we had to visit with and enjoy such great company during the Meal!
Folks enjoying Strawberry Margarita's :) some virgin, some not so virgin..hehe
Making the Dessert
Two Beautiful Princesses :) and they are huh?!!
This young fella was waiting ever so patiently for the Ice Cream...Cant you Tell?! :)

Ana was making ice cream as fast as she could...The Natives were getting Restless and I was putting the finishing touches on the Dessert...Raw Chocolate sprinkles with Cinnamon and Agave!

What a Fun Night and A Huge Turn Out of very Enthusiastic Folks who were Hungry and inquisitive about Eating Raw Food! We even had a couple of Children who were very sweet and did a great job of taste testing the Goodies...I think their favorite dish however was the Banana Ice Cream sprinkled with Raw chocolate and Cinnamon and topped with a drizzling of Raw Agave Nector :)

This was the last official Raw Food Dinner...I heard lots of talk about how they wanted to keep this sort of fun going even after I have gone back to Missouri...Hearing that makes me happy, and lets me know that I have done a good job getting people interested in eating Living Foods! Yeah!! Reno is Got it Going On! :)

With Luv from Reno

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Universal Dances of Peace~Reno, NV

This Sunday marks the first official Universal Peace Dance to be held in Reno NV, at the Yogic Lounge. Granted it may be just a small dance but it is very important non-the-less. Ellen Fietz Hall will be our facilitating Dance Leader and I am so pleased that she agreed to help give the Folks of Reno a taste of the Universal Peace is truly beauty and prayer in matter what denomination or Religious background a person may be...the Dances are for Everyone to enjoy!

Ellen Fietz Hall, Ph.D., is a long-time student and teacher of this form of “Peace demonstration” which is practiced in hundreds of circles throughout the world. She has taught in a range of fields from childbirth education to meditation. She is a mentor teacher with the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace, an initiator with the Sufi Ruhaniat Intl., and coordinates the Nevada City Dance circle.

For More Information about Universal Peace Dances and how they Began please visit this link:
Photo taken by Bob Spenser for the Lama Foundation, NM

With luv from Reno

Friday, March 20, 2009

Imaria~My Beautiful Friend

This Young Lady is wise beyond her years and Beautiful as well, inside and out! She is my Son, Tarrens, Girlfriend. They Met at Sufi Camp and Fell in Love...Ahhh Love :)

Ari and I have became fast friends and she surprised me with this lovely recipe....she's always surprising me and sending me notes...My Son is a Very Lucky young Man to have such an Amazing Young Woman by his side! so Here is the note I found in my Email this morning....Enjoy, I cant wait to try the recipe myself! Love You Ari :)

Hey Margo!
i miss you sooooo freaking much! but i know you are having a blast so its OK.
while staying with my cousin in Colorado he made this really great German carrot salad. so i thought i would send you the recipe. is super good!
2 lbs of fresh carrots
1 cup fresh squeezed OJ
2 oz of vegetable oil
3 oz of white vinegar
1 bunch dill
3 T honey
and he adds salt and pepper to taste
cut up the carrots like super tiny (maybe use one of those cool food chopper uppers like they have at camp) and then just mix everything together. it tastes best cold.
hope you enjoy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Special Guest~Penni Shelton~From Raw Food Tulsa

Penni has been there supporting and Cheering me on for years now....There is a wonderful Energy with Penni that is so refreshing and mindful. Please check out her blog as it is always full of great information and a wonderful look into the life of a fellow Raw Foodist
and an all around Awesome Lady!

With Luv from Reno
1rawgirl :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raw Food Dinner~ Asian Style~

This is Cam~ She is a Gemini Vegetarian :)
Raw Rice
Asian Noodle Salad

Young baby Coconuts
Mick's Got the Idea!

Tammy and Lynn two lovely Ladies enjoying a Raw Meal :)

The Beautiful Jowee making her Raw Sushi Roll

Jeffry, Ana, Mikey J and Lynn
Ana and Jowee taking Twit Pics

The Lovely Laura who Hosted the Party in her Fab home
This lovely Lady made a lovely plate for herself...I love it when people get creative with their food!

Laura Made that lovely wrap and the sushi wrap below

Too good to be dainty...
After eating A LOT of food, folks still had energy to enjoy Acro Yoga and other activities of Fun

Here is a Short Video Clip of Everyones opinion of the Raw Asian Dinner...wish YOU had been there? Of Course you do :)


What Fun What Fun~ I met the most lovely people who came to dinner and got in the kitchen and helped prepare the meal that we would all enjoy.
The Menu:

Asian Noodles in a Creamy Nut Sauce -Kelp Noodles, Raw almond Butter, Pablano Pepper, Olive oil, Brags Liquid Aminoes & Lemon Juice.

Raw Sushi-Seaweed Wraps, Raw Rice, Avocados, Carrots, Cucumbers, Hot Mushroom Sauce, Sour Kraut, Pickled Ginger, green onion, Red onion, Bean Sprouts.

Raw Rice-Cauliflower, Ginger, Olive Oil, Raw Tahini, Sea Salt, Braggs Liquid Aminoes.

Hot Mushroom Sauce-Baby Bella Mushrooms, Jalapeños, Sea Salt.

Young Baby Coconuts for Dessert ( which most everyone was too full to eat) :)

Folks came and helped prep the meal, and see how the raw rice was made. They asked questions and had a lovely time and I think they left with some ideas of how to eat more Raw in their diet. Regardless it was a VERY GOOD TIME! as the Pictures and Video Testify :) Well truth is we could not stop eating it was all so tasty and fun to make!

Thank You to Everyone who could Make It the Asian Dinner, it would not have been Fun without all of YOU!

With A Belly Full of Fresh Raw Asian Food

Luv from Reno

Special Guest Connie Brown-Caldwell pt 2


Funny thing happened on the way to nowhere special...
By Connie Brown-Caldwell.

I am still amazed by things that happen to me. Last week, I made a quick dash into a local Kwik Trip to grab a coffee. No special day. No special circumstance, just wanted (needed) a tall caffeinated something. As I throw the Grand Prix trany clumsily in park, I spied a black hearse parked opposite my car at nearly an identical angle. And let me tell ya, it looked "occupied" if you will.

The driver and his live passenger, riding shotgun, exited the wagon and darted for the very same coffee spigot I was contemplating. The thing was, for a moment I wondered if they has shut off the vehicle and/or locked the doors. For what, I then speculated. The third party in the luxury box was not likely to go anywhere and was not likely to care about a would-be car theft, for that matter, should one ensue.

I further pondered what the two men would think if I, myself, would just jump in and fly down the highway like some Rob Zombie video. I would feel really cool for like 10 minutes and then panic when I realized that I was toting a dead body in a stolen rig. I dunno, sounded like a funny stunt just for a minute. So the two guys would come out with coffee and glazed donuts to discover their charge was missing. And, for my money, that is almost the funnier part, imagining the thoughts going through their heads. Who would they call? 911? And say...? Would they call the family of the dearly abducted? Would they sit on the curbed Kwik Trip sidewalk and just drink their coffee and suck the sweet donut residue from their fingers?

Ok. So these and many more thoughts all weaved and waddled through my own brain before I even pulled the door handle of my own ride. Yeah- I was still in my car this whole time. At the final second I decided that this was a photo opp far too rare and not oft encountered, so I had to get the shot. Do I waste precious seconds and get the Nikon out of the carrying case on my right? Do I piss around getting the right angle, the proper focus? Do I make sure to get the Kwik Trip sign in the background to really drive home the context? No time. Camera phone. Flip it, hit camera button and shoot.

I opened my door and slid not so casually out of the car. I positioned the camera at the desired angle and tried to look as if I were reading a text msg rather than shooting oddities in gas station parking lots. I noticed the men coming back. I snapped the picture.

Do you know the glazed donut nutritional values? I Googled it and found the label on the left. Now, I am no nutritionist, but I would imagine that there are a lot worse things to eat. That precious frosty coating over an oil-laden bagel. I would've expected 300 calories and 12+ grams of fat. Not so. Who knew? I am suspicious by nature, so I went directly to the Kwik Trip site to verify the chart. Identical. Amazing.
Back the story. Upon reviewing the shot of the convenience store funeral pit stop, I was delighted to discover that the shot...hazy white cloud of nothingness. Delighted because I thought it was apropos to have the very vehicle that transported dead bodies from one hub to another, was enigmatic as well. That's the kind of irony I like in life...and death I suppose.

I immediately sent a text to a colleague about the series of events and he reminded me that I am always the lucky one who gets juxtaposed in these kinds of macabre and unique scenarios. He brought up the time that I was stuck following behind a highway/road construction paint truck. You know, the elaborate and grease-globbed trucks that apply the white and yellow lines to asphalt. On the morning he referred to, I was crawling right behind the truck as it painted the white center stripe down highway 52. Much to my joy and disgust, I watched as the nozzle jetted a tidy white band directly over the top of an unidentifiable road kill. Possum or squirrel. I can't remember what I had gathered at the time. But it was remarkably funny and disturbing all at once.

The moral of this tale is simply, keep your eyes open and your mind disjointed enough to imagine great things when nature or consequence deals you a golden egg.

Please feel free to visit Connie's Blot as it is Very good Reading and she is a Dear Friend of mine! The Woman is FEARLESS! Thank You for your Contributions Connie~They are Priceless to me!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Raw Beauty Pamper Party in Reno

This was the group shot AFTER the Avocado Masks...Don't we just look radiant and all from a little yummy green fruit :)
Anastasia put out the most luscious, sweet strawberries to snack on along with carrot sticks and raw almond butter and of course we ate the left over avocado mash as tasty!

All the ladies brought an avocado, and a towel. The idea was to try an avocado we mixed and mashed the lovely green fruit up in a bowl and applied the green mash on our faces, massaging it onto our faces and was Fun, it felt GOOD and we left it on to dry. After a few minutes there was a tingling, when the mask was almost dry there was a very slight itchy feeling...upon drying (20min) we rinsed off our green mask and revealed soft, glowing skin!

I LOVED IT!!!!! I am totally hooked. I had never had an avocado face mask and I noticed looking around at all the lovely faces that everyones skin looked so amazing...often after washing my face it can look shiny...not with this...everyones skin looked balanced and glowing. If You have never tried it, you SHOULD! Its absolutely the most refreshing and relaxing way to clean and soften your fact I going to try it on my whole body sometime.....I just love the way my skin looks and feels afterward!

Green Mask Luv from Reno