Monday, July 28, 2008



I am back from a very busy weekend in in Kansas City, MO. The KC Raw Bliss Festival was everything a 1st time festival should be! The Vibe at Maureen Veto Slater's home and grounds were that of pure Bliss, you could just feel it and see it everywhere. Amazing People with fabulous Raw Foods and or Products where everywhere in the backyard enthusiastically sharing vital information with the Smiling Festival goers. I was assisting Maureen as were many of the wonderful Volunteers like Daniel, Gweneth, Cathy and more- with minor details before and during the festival.
I was also helping to snap pictures and as well as taking video footage.
I had such fun taping guest clips on some of the truly Super People who worked the festival as either vendors or guest speakers.
It is my pleasure to help promote and create even more positive avenues of exposure for the Raw Food movement here in Missouri. There are so many Wonderful and Talented Raw Food Folks who have felt and heard the calling, and are ready to share with others their passion and enthusiasm about Living Foods as well as assist people stepping towards a more full-filling lifestyle through conscious eating and living.

All in all I had such a great experience and look forward to the Next Raw Bliss Fest!
and by the way, music was Kansas City's own home grown Band SEED LOVE. They Reggae Rocked our way through the festival and were Awesome!

Maureen and her Family are Absolutely Fabulous! Graciously Hosting The Event at their home and helping making it all Possible :)

Check out Videos and Pictures: