Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Oh dear sweet Heaven above....this is the most tasty way to get that crunchy sweet snack attack fix and kill worms in your intestine at the same time!...

I took raw pumkin seeds, soaked em, added honey, cinn, nutmeg, lemon zest, celtic salt, and a small drizzel of Raw Agave Nector.....Dehydrate and waaLa...crunchy perfection!!!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Oooooo It's Angel Cake

Oh heavenly Raw Angel Cake, how I love Thee

Better than ole cooked fruit cake full of yuckie

You make my taste buds sing out with glee

and my tummys so happy

that I just ate ye

ok, so mabey I can't rhyme well...But its fun trying!

Raw Kitchen Control

I went into the kitchen and made a storm of Raw Cookies using Raw Sweet potatoes as a base. They turned out very very yummy and were quickly eaten. I will share a little secret with you about using potatoe in raw food. Soak them and drain several times. this sucks a lot of the nasty starch taste out of the potatoe and makes the food taste way better!

Beet these Salads....mmmmm

This is a Green Collard Salad with bell pepper Nutritional yeast, oil and vinegar, enhanced by asian pear slices topped with cashews.....Divine

This Salad is beets and cauliflower atop a bed of shredded chinese cabbage, accompanied by some lovely avocado. I took some virgin olive oil infused with fresh rosemary and sprinkled it over the salad, and Not pictured(I added after i took pic) some rasins and cashews...(i know cashews technically not raw...well i ate em anyway...hehe) This salad rocked!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Divine Salad Intervention

can you dig?!....The Red Salad is a A beet filled Liver lovin salad, you eat this and your liver knows you got its back...and guess what, its gonna love ya back!!!...Sesame seed with the hull, rainbow chard, jicama, avocado, yellow bell good, so right!!!
Then for the Green Salad lover in you, sit down and wrap your mouth around this beauty...Avocado, watercress, rainbow chard, my exotic curry crackers.....mmmmm

Let it Snow Let it Snow know the rest

ooohh its cold outside, but I am warm and yes Raw....I have been drinking Green Smoothies that could make me green with envy, If it wasnt me who was drinking them...hehe

Ingrediants for a GREAT Green Smoothie: Full blender of spinach greens, handful of watercress, 1 or 2 bananas, a couple of scoops of your favorite supplement powder, egyption cinnamon, Raw Agave Nector(the kind that is really not heated above 118 and is a bit more expensive than the non raw raw agave) and a handful of frozen strawberries, blend well and ohhh is it ever good!!!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eating with your hands

Remember the last post with the Super Pumkin Sprout Salad, Now I am turning it into a Super Sprout Burrito....just place the beautiful Collard Green in your hand( I use my left) next with bare fingers plunge your other hand into the beautiful salad and give the contents a bit of a tussle, then like a roadside Crane Grab up a good amount and deposit it upon the Waiting Collard Leaf, Add a few more grabs of Salad and then wrap the green leaf lovingly around the Super Salad Middle, not too tight you dont want to smother, and not too loose, you want the burrito to have food in it when you take your first succulent, juicy, satisfying bite.

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Super Pumkin Sprout Salad

This is what we found after cutting into a med size pumkin...Sprouts, Beautiful, Tasty Pumkin Sprouts. So I made a lovely Salad to eat with them. I used Avacado, Beet Greens, Collard Greens, Celery, Carrot Shavings, Lots of dark green Home Grown Parlsey and Sundried Tomatoes from our Garden. Seasoning consists of a small amount of extra virgin, first cold press olive oil and a tige of Living Vinegar and an itsy pinch of Celtic Salt. This Salad is sooo good and you can eat this with sooo many lovely Veggies Variations......

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Raw Food Revue

This is the Raw Food Revue....I will be updating it soon and have some unusual videos to share with you!

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Its Day..ummm cant count, But I am Still Raw

Yes, its true, I work, I sleep(when Im not networking with all the wonderful Raw People online) and I Eat Raw, I feel so so so much better and I picked the perfect time to go all raw. I have been noticing little changes that are actually big to me, like I am less hungry, cooked foods make you so ravenous and then overeating is the damaging activitie that leads to all kinds of unpleasant harm. So When I am eating, my body tells me simply when its had enough and the mental urge to keep stuffing is just not there. I feel more in balance. If I eat more than what I need, I am not racked with guilt or frustration, I know that I am ok, and stress is passing better. And apart from my 2 teenage boys trying to drive me insane from time to time, I just feel as though the food is nourishing me on a deeper level than cooked food can. Any one who is Raw knows that this lifestyle is Magically delicious.....Earth Magic...mmm....yum!

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 13 I am RAW

yep, still Raw still happy still full of energy and soooo glad that I made this choice!! I am getting ready to start my day (after my ginseng tea) with a raw green smoothie...oh yeah in fact that sounds so good I gotta go do it now!

Raw Power!

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hey The Countup continues....

Im just not counting, um cause Im going to do this all winter and frankly im bored counting..hehehe. Anywho finally getting the whole twitter thing...I was pretty much lost at first and then sweet Justenie started following me and well then I found all the cool people thereafter...neat-o huh!! So now I am so enjoying it and feel that its a super great way to keep track and share with others what I am eating, blogging is great but lets face it, its work! I dont always feel like doin ma blog...but twitter is super fast and E-Z. So now I know and now you know what I know...hehe


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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 7 Raw Gruel Heaven

But was so hungry when I got home I ate it before I could take a pic...So next time I make gruel, which will be a lot I will take a pic. I used my left over mock tuna and warmed it slowly with Raw Sunflower seed milk, so it turned out like a thick hearty soup...added a few bits of celery and there ya be....Hearty Gruel....arghhh matey! Its a Raw Treasure you need not bury...hehehe
Luv 1 Raw Girl