Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 6 Im MOCK....?

MOCK TUNA.....Yeah baby, I got a whole lotta mock tuna just crying out for a tomatoe and my handy chopsticks....whoooya...and heres whats in it: Celery, Soaked Raw Sunflower Seeds, Jicama, Raw Garlic, Liquid Aminoes, Nutritional Yeast, Dill, Black Pepper.

Until tommorow....Stay Raw Baby!.....Luv 1 Raw Girl

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 5 Dessert..Wild Persimmon cookies

Wild Persimmons, Orange & orange zest, tomatoe, Avacado, banana, organic apple, golden flax seed, shredded raw coconut, raw honey to taste....Put in the dehydrator....Yummy

Day 5 which is 1/2 way through 10..hehehe

Still Raw and Feeling Pretty Darn Good! I have been eating very well and am amazed at how the HUNGER you feel pulling at you while on cooked, is very small on Raw....I make sure to snack on my fruit and crackers, drinking plenty o water and lunch and dinner are veggie full...I am very contented, and I believe that it is calming my mind as well....yippee. Dinner was very good, I took a large amount of Mazuma Greens and in the food processesor added cauliflower, tomatoe, red onion, added a small bit of liquid aminoes to taste and lemon & nutritional yeast...I try to keep these things minimal, soon I will phase out the aminoes, in time...then I added my 3 soaked almonds and had some of my delicious tomatoe crackers with it.
1 Raw Girl

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 4 Raw and Sleepy

I am feeling kinda low energy today, I think I am detoxing and my bods just trying to do its thing....Naturally... I am full of God only knows...I kinda know too, but hey thats why I am Raw dang nabit. So I have eaten the norm, apples, Bananas, My Crackers and for lunch & Dinner Raw Slaw with Liver Boosting Beets & Habinero Stuff on the side....My Hubby made it : Beets, Habinero Pepper, Orange, Cranberries, & twas good!!!
....I have also had a Couple of my Sticky Finger Cookies as well.....
Sendin out Raw Luv........ 1 Raw Girl

Heres the Pics....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 3 and all is well

Today has been a very productive day for me. I woke up early and prepared my next batch of dehydrator crackers and also made myself some very yummy Raw Cookies. So here I will post the pics of all the goodies I made today as well as my dinner, Raw Slaw with Pureed veggies and topped with 3 soaked almonds and my green crackers....I am full and very creative right now!

1 Raw Girl

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 2 breezed right through!

This is what I had for dinner. I added the following to a food processor and blended:

organic celery, raw pumkin, cauliflower, bell pepper,red onion, garlic,tomatoe, pecans, and to flavor: liquid aminoes, vinegar, nutritional yeast.

Topped with a garden onion and 3 soaked almonds....yummy.

I found that I wasnt very hungry today and when I ate it was bannas, apples and my dehydrated crackers. I also drink hot herb tea throughout the is cold out and it make me feel warm and good inside. So day 2 is a good day!

1 Raw Girl

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Raw Lunch 11-24-07

Today I kicked off my new Raw Intent with a Fabulous Meal created by my wonderful partner Dietrich.

The Beautiful vibrant orange topping is:

Cauliflower, Red onion, red bell pepper, tomatoe,habenero pepper, olive oil, liquid aminoe. Sitting on a fresh grown from our own winter garden beds of Mazuma Greens(yeah they are fabulous tasting). And accented with my special dehydrator crackers which consist of the following ingred: Soaked raw sunflower seeds, raw garlic cloves, celtic salt, flax seed, flax meal, 1 scoop of Now green super food powder, celtic salt, nutritional yeast and kombucha tea (we made the kombucha ourselves).

Yeah, I feel pretty great right now!!!

1 raw girl