Friday, August 3, 2012

Goddess Sunny Smith

My name is Sunny and I spend everyday of my life living up to that name. I'm an artist, I'm a creative, and I'm an inspirational ray of light to all who meet me. I’ve spent much of my adult life creating the world around me to reflect my innermost desires. I’ve surrounded myself with people who support and encourage me, people who understand me, people who are positive and who are creating their own magical world as well. I’m energetic, optimistic, aware, and joyful,
and people tend to feed off those feelings that I radiate.

My world is filled with love, beauty, and positivity. I am polyamorous, which means that I am most happy when I can give as much of my heart to as many people as I see fit. I’m not bound by the rules of society, who insist that the only way to love people is in monogamous relationships. I love the people in my life with my whole heart, friends, family, and lovers. I feel freer this way, allowing myself to give as much of myself as I want to those around me. I have an incredibly supportive husband and two wonderful boyfriends, all of whom I am able to give my heart to completely. I have very open, honest, and trusting relationships with all three men, which allows this kind of situation to occur successfully. My friends are also very supportive of me and my decisions, as I am able to love and care for them immensely as well. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.
I wasn’t always surrounded by positive, encouraging, supportive people. It took a long time for me to remove the negative, energy-draining people from my life. It was a very difficult, painful experience to realize that if I wanted to truly live in a supportive, happy, encouraging environment all the time, I needed to do the work to remove the negativity from my world. It wasn’t easy to remove those people, but it was necessary for me to continue creating my most joyful world.

 There are times when I feel down. When I let my inner critic have her way with me. I feel like I’m a fraud, I’m a failure, I’m worthless, and I don’t deserve all the love that I receive. In the past when this has happened, I would let all those negative feelings eat at me until I was crying into my pillow, hiding under the covers, waiting for the world to end. But I don’t let that happen any longer. When I start to feel myself falling down that dark spiral of self-hate and hopelessness, I write. I write about all the ways that I’m winning. I write about all the incredible things happening in my life. I write about all the reasons why I love myself. When I first started writing this way, it was difficult to realize all the wonderful things in my life. When you’re in a dark place, sometimes it’s so difficult to see the light. But the more I wrote gratitude posts, the more I wrote love letters to myself, the easier it got, and the lighter I felt. I have so many little letters I’ve written to myself. Little post-its, little memos, little love notes. I realized that in order to feel like I deserve anyone else’s love, I needed to completely love myself. I have to love me enough to know that I am worth it. That took a very long time, and there are days when it is still challenging. But the more I reaffirm my love for myself, the more I believe it, and the more love I am able to radiate out to other people.

I’m an artist, and I make a habit of spending time in my studio every night. I try to make it a point to create something, anything, every day. I believe that making time in your life to facilitate creativity is vital to a happier, more full life. Even if I just spend time in my studio listening to music or watching the squirrels play outside, it’s still inspiring my mind creatively. I also give myself plenty of time to play with art. It can be daunting to go into the studio to “create” something, but if I go into it with the mindset of play, I feel less pressure to make a masterpiece. Many of my favorite pieces were made while I played in the studio.

My world is full of magic, happiness, delicious food, conscious thinkers, doers, artists, creators, lovers, friends, and gratitude. Lots and lots of gratitude. I’ve done the work to create this life, and I’m so grateful that this happiness continues.

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paula4444 said...

Really enjoyed your story Sunny...very inspiring! Thanks for sharing....and Margo...thanks for creating this platform

jessica mullen said...

What an incredible girl. Thank you for sharing this Margo.

Margo Ameera ♥ said...

Goddess is energy is so precious! I had to create a space for it and to my delight So many incredible Goddesses said Yes to my Project...I am so glad...It's all about connections, how we connect with ourselves and others <3