Sunday, June 24, 2012

I copy and pasted info about homeostasis from Wikipedia. 

 Its important to understand why people stay in certain patterns of behavior that they do not enjoy, yet seem unable to change.  Homeostasis is a very large part of the puzzle.

"Author George Leonard discusses in his book Mastery how homeostasis affects our behavior and who we are. He states that homeostasis will prevent our body from making drastic changes and maintain stability in our lives even if it is detrimental to us.[11] Examples include when an obese person starts exercising, homeostasis in the body resists the activity to maintain stability.[12] Another example Leonard uses is an unstable family where the father has been a raging alcoholic and suddenly stops and the son starts up a drug habit to maintain stability in the family. Homeostasis is the main factor that stops people changing their habits because our bodies view change as dangerous unless it is very slow. Leonard discusses this dilemma as the media today only encourages fast change and quick results. The opening of his book aptly describes his despair with the current state of the world and how it is at war with homeostasis. "The trouble is that we have few, if any, maps to guide us on the journey or even to show us how to find the path. The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery. We're continually bombarded with the promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast, temporary relief, all of which lead in exactly the wrong direction.""

I have been eating a mostly raw food diet for over a decade.  However I was living a life with a certain level of stress and habits that often hindered my efforts to achieve certain goals. I was often frustrated and angry, mostly at myself for not being able to stick with habits that I knew were good for me. It wasn't until I discovered hypnosis that I really began to learn how to change my life-script.  Thanks to the help of a very dedicated hypnotherapist, and changing my life partner, I have been able to turn my life around.
 Often I have found that people I have talked with about hypnosis, have a very limited idea of what hypnosis is and what it does.  I heard a lot of "Oh I cant be hypnotized or I don't want anyone playing around with my head".  Truth is people are too busy playing around in their own head and making a mess of things and feel too overwhelmed to allow anyone to help them push through homeostasis.  
This post is my way of helping people understand what Hypnosis is and what it can be used for and to dispel the myths surrounding hypnosis. 
recommend the Free Hypnosis 101 course to start with.  It has been extremely useful to me and it may be for you as well.
HMI or the Hypnotherapy Motivational Institute is the first Nationally Credited College of Hypnotherapy.  They offer a free course to people who want to be a Certified Hypnotist (not hypnotherapist).  
I have taken the course and I LOVE the information that I have learned. Knowing that I can use self-hypnosis to help me stay on track and achieve any goal I set for myself is a very empowering feeling. I highly recommend taking the free course and learning about the awesome tools that the Hypnosis offers.  

Real and lasting change for a better/healthier life experience is what most people desire.  The surest way for that to happen is learning how to push past homeostasis in a way that is will-power needed. 

 Effective change comes in small steps that are seeded in your subconscious mind.  Learn how to do this and the world around you begins to reflect the internal changes that your mind starts to accept. It's very important to understand that your own brain is trying to protect you and override conscious decisions you attempt to make when any kind of change is involved...good or bad. 

 Hypnosis has been a very important and effective tool for me.  I have learned not only how to manage stress and to change behaviors that no longer serve me, but I am able to use the power of suggestion to cultivate desired habits and attitudes within myself that allow me to live a very fulfilling and enjoyable life experience.  


You are getting sleepy, very sleepy....just the research and live your best life, as far as anyone knows its the only one your living and experiencing right now...Be as awesome and happy as you can possibly be and then some 

Much Love
~Margo Ameera
p.s. This is not a paid endorsement for HMI.  I am sharing this information solely for the purpose of sharing tools that help people to help themselves  Because I use the these tools myself ...


Jesslyn said...

What a great post! I've dabbled in self-hypnosis, NLP, and of course positive affirmations, but you've really inspired me to delve deeper.
Thank you especially for the link to the e-course. I had no idea that wonderful resource existed.

Margo Ameera ♥ said...

Jesslyn, You are welcome!! I am so pleased that my post was of interest and helpful to you! I appreciate your post expressing that! Let me know how it goes for you too if you like...have a wonderful day :)