Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Beginnings..Again and Again for Always....♡

Saying goodbye to one dream can be overwhelming, especially if it was a life experience you were looking forward to.
It’s been 4 days since I had a miscarriage. For me, the Key is Saying Hello to my new dreams!
I allow the tears to flow when they must, but I don't live in the pain of loss, I refuse to dwell in the hollow cave of suffering and doesn't feel good to me, so I choose not to hang out there.

When life takes unexpected turns, having the tools to help me focus and direct my own emotional state of Well-Being is essential. Reaching for thoughts that feel good, in the midst of trauma and personal suffering is not only do-able, it is a MUST for my happiness and sanity.

I am not a vacant well, waiting to be filled with endless amounts of pain and misery.

I am a Well-Spring.
Overflowing with ceaseless devotion to live, creating and experiencing beauty and joy in my own life.
I recognize that living a life of my own creation requires major commitment on my part and selfishness of the best kind...the willingness to flow with life...moving in direction’s that feel good to me. If I am Selfish and put my happiness first, then sharing my happiness with others is a Selfless act of Joy, the best kind really!

To accomplish this means I must understand how to use my emotions constructively.
I begin each day envisioning and feeling my way as I create a space of appreciation in my life, which always leads to feeling good! The alternative is when I do not focus my intention on seems to automatically create a space of pain and confusion in my life which never feels good.

Change can and does happen suddenly at times and what I was expecting, became unexpected. However, I find that I am willing and able to flow with this experience...I am able to continue to see the beauty all around me, inviting thoughts that feel good to me and creating a rich and fulfilling life for myself, regardless of the changes that come...

What is more important than living my life in the most joyful fashion possible?
There are no setbacks, only possibilities...and I am a curious creature, so for me, nothing is more important than my happiness which means Creating my own Wonderland to thrive in!

This is what feels most natural to me♡