Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderling ♡


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  [flej-ling]  Show IPA
a young bird just fledged.
an inexperienced person.
young, new, or inexperienced: a fledgling diver.

A fledgling bird must always leave the nest. 

I am not a bird, so I decided that I prefer the term Wonderling. 
The way a bird takes to the sky is the way a Wonderling takes to Wonderland.
Wonderland is not a place you's what you ARE.
Its a state of mind or being.
Its how you go about your day...feeling good!


There are lots of ways I can practice physically to feel attuned!
There are also ways I practice mentally so my thoughts are attuned as well.
A human can be tuned much like a musical instrument.
If I am "In Tune" Then I feel good.
If someone I am interacting with is out of tune, so what?!
My job is not to tune other people!
My best option is choosing Attunement for myself.

What attunes me to happiness and well being?
I believe that Source Energy is what Attunes me to what ever I want to create and experience in my life.

I choose to focus on what I DO want in my life ( not what I dont).
This is a very important aspect of utilizing the Law of Attraction.
I am given plenty of opportunities throughout my day to practice the art of Attunement. 
When your out of tune you attract more of the same discord into your life.  
It's in my best interest not to focus on the discord but on Attunement.
Devotion.. pure and simple devotion and willingness to practice.
Devotion to Love... to yourself, your life, to Happiness and feeling good, great & wonderful... 

I allow the time and attention necessary to practice.
The benefits are enormously rewarding for myself and my loved ones.

When I am "Out of Tune I notice and observe how I feel.
 Typically I do not feel good either mentally or physically or both.
This is always my first clue that I am not flowing with Source Energy.
If I am not flowing with Source Energy then I am not in my Wonderland.

From here only One of two things can happen:
1. I  ignore how I am feeling and continue with the discomfort.
2. I recognize that I am not feeling good and decide that feeling good is what I prefer.

Attuning to my Source Energy:

1. I Decide what want
2. I Attune with my choice in ways that feel good for me to imagine
3. I Practice the good feelings that the new choice generates in me
4. I Allow myself to receive what I am focused and attuned to
5. I Appreciate and feel pleasant expectation towards my desire and respond as though it is true now.

So Wonderland is simply this:
If you could be anything you want to be and you ARE~that is Wonderland
If you could have anything you desire and you DO~that is Wonderland
If you could feel Content and Well within your whole Being and  BE~that is Wonderland

See you in Wonderland 

P.S. All you Lifestreamers who especially use Law of Attraction tools, Abraham/Hicks Teachings, Etc... email me ur links or leave your links in the comments :) 
Would like to know you and be supportive of your practice! 

Your either in the vortex or your here for more

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