Sunday, March 13, 2011

♡ Be your own Dr.Feel Good ♡

What Feels Good to You?

Here is a short list of my feel goods:

Upon Waking I greet the Day with Appreciation and Set my Intention

Eating fresh fruits and all the mixed greens I want daily...Smoothies & Juices Rock!

Quality interactions with my Family

Body Movement: Dharma Yoga, Dancing, Acro Yoga, Walking, Stretching, Hooping etc...

Face the Day with Courage via Cold water

Lighting a candle and giving Appreciation for All

Long, snuggly, melty hugs with my Love(s)

Moving and playing in my Garden

Listening to beautiful music

Being outside enjoying Nature

watching TED and being Inspired

Being on an Adventure

I set myself up to win.
I choose activities that feel good to me.
I carry this energy with me throughout my day.
Feeding my spirit with all the beauty and joy I like.
It's why I'm here.

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rawkinmom said...

Stylish Blogger award for you!!! :)