Friday, January 21, 2011

School of Life Design

30 Days of Hardcore Focus on Appreciation

While many this time of year are getting serious with a fitness regime, I am finding that my needs go much deeper than what a hardcore physical workout can offer me. I am interested in not only designing my outer package, but aligning with my inner space as well! So I am focusing on the inner, knowing the outer will follow, as indeed it must!

The purpose of this is to train my mind to look for things to appreciate instead of things to be unhappy about. Any new habit takes at least 30 days of consistent application for it to take hold and begin to feel automatic.

My motivation to make these changes comes from the realization that I have become far to complacent in my thoughts and far too reactionary in my emotions. It’s time for a change and I have recently discovered tools that I am confident in using and enjoy using, having already begun reaping the benefits of re-directing my focus on appreciation...but there is a bit more to it as well.

I am using the principles outlined in the Abraham-Hicks books. The first book I purchased is called: Ask and it is Given By Esther and Jerry Hicks. These books are based on the law of attraction. Now before you begin rolling your eyes...let me just say in less than 1 months time of establishing the use of these tools in my life I am already seeing and feeling big changes. I don’t use tools that do not work, nor do I promote people or products that I do not feel good about.
I believe in being selfish in the best way possible, so I am doing this for me first and foremost...because I know that ultimately being happy and feeling my best and most productive helps me 1ST and everyone I love 2ND and the rest of the world 3RD. I do what I do, for me and if anything I do brings inspiration, joy or a smile to anyone else, I can live with that. :)

People who are determined to have a crappy attitude are here on this planet for their own reasons, learning their own particular lessons and the choices they make are entirely up to them. I do not have to allow any of it to touch me or what I want in my life. This means I am NOT at the mercy of other peoples bad moods, bad choices, bad anything! The beauty of what this is all about is that I am remembering how to use my GOD/Universe Given gifts of Creation and Power. When I am having a good day, and someone thinks, hey I’m unhappy or I don't like her, so I think I will chuck a large pile of fresh steaming hot poo at her head and watch the hilarity ensue...guess what, they are going to be sadly disappointed because I have awesome powers of poo deflection fields all around me, so when someone tries to throw poo at me, like a big bad ass boomerang, it goes flying right back at the sender! That is a Universal Law...YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE!

Another Universal Law is Like attracts if you have a crappy attitude, look around and notice how many of your acquaintances have a crappy attitude also...Misery LOVES company, the more the merrier, birds of a feather...get my drift? If you want to create a world of beauty to live your life in, you must be clear about what you are creating in your life at present. What I am saying is if you don't like where you are in your life and have this nagging feeling that you are off track...don’t look around blaming others...just accept the beauty and simplicity of this one simple truth...YOU put yourself here and now and you can make all your future here and nows what YOU want them to be...and you can have fun doing it once you get a few simple and effective tools down that will help you get the hang of it. The Law of Attraction is where it all begins.

Your emotions are the clearest most vital indicators of where you’re at in your life. If you live in a regular and consistent state of dis-content, bitching, complaining, dis-satisfaction, anger, sadness, self pity...and on and on then you either want and enjoy continually having these experiences or you are just uncertain how to get out of the cute little hole you have dug yourself into, and if that is the case the GREAT NEWS is that you put yourself there and with some practice and sincere willingness you CAN get the heck outta that hole and be confident that you don't ever have to be in the hole again! EVER (unless YOU so choose) :))

Thanks to the ever inspiring and muse of fun, creativity and inspiration Gala Darling I found out about two lifestreamers Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen. They have put together incredibly useful tools to help others help themselves. I love the energy, passion and commitment of these ladies. They have built the School of Life Design which offers free lessons to help people be happy. They have video podcast’s that I find entertaining and useful also. What inspires me about these two gals is that they are really using the tools of the Law of Attraction in their own lives and you can tell, they are talking the talk and walking the walk. I am making the link available for anyone interested...just in case you want to have some fun and just in case you feel inclined to learn about what tools I am using to Design my Life.

Life Design FREE and if you love it and it helps, consider an appreciation donation for the love and time these ladies took to put it all together to share with everyone :)

CREATE the Life you really want without fear, or doubt...NOW !!!

They are, I AM and You can too! ♡


Execumama said...

This is awesome, and I totally commend you on taking the journey toward living in a state of appreciation. I am a Life Design Practitioner, and I support the idea of being the change you want to see/attract in and around your life. I'm grateful for my experiences, and the knowledge that I get to CHOOSE to be happy and grateful every single day. Love, love, love this post!!

Light, Love and Truth ♥ said...

Thank You so much for your comment Execumama...I love your blogs by the way! You spread extra cheer into my day and my heart with your heartfelt words! Big Hug!!!