Friday, January 28, 2011


I have found during the last 6 days, that the most important.. #1 thing I MUST do before I do anything anything else upon waking is to lie in my bed and greet my day with thoughts and feelings that feel good to me. To make sure I dont draw a blank, or give my mind time to wander and jump right into the typical mish mash mode of random thoughts, I have a little list next to my bed to remind me of all that I appreciate and feel really good about. This helps me to get started.
Once I have a thought or two that feels really delicious to me, I lie in bed and I savor them. I really allow myself to fully float in the good feelings that the thoughts produce. I have done this every morning since Sunday except on Wednesday, and I will say that Wednesday was not a particularly good day for me. So because of that experience, I have decided never to skip this step, for I have found it to be a supreme way for me to attune myself to the kind of wonderful day I expect to enjoy. If I just jump right out of bed and start doing things on auto pilot or if I allow someone to pull me out of this simple ritual I have allotted time for, then I dont seem to flow as well.

When I am in the flow, EVERYTHING feels Right!

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Tre ~ said...

soooo true.....vital most important step for me of the day those very first moments i'm conscious....steer thoughts by listening and calming and intending before they steer us by dictating, outlining, and whatever else imposing.....sooo grateful to reconnect here amidst your writings...big luvs.