Thursday, January 20, 2011

HELLO WONDERLAND Lifestreaming Video Podcasts

I am currently re-designing my blog and introducing a new video podcast series I am calling Hello Wonderland. This is a fun new adventure that I am creating in my life! I am using this space to document how feelings and thoughts work together when one is devoted to living a life of their own design. I am sharing information and inspiration with you and what you do with it is totally up to you!

I am devoted to the practice of appreciation. This means finding ways all throughout my day to focus on reaching for thoughts that feel good to me. I am joining others who are doing it too and future posts and podcasts will be revealing more about this new energy that will be pumping life into this blog and it is my desire into your hearts and minds if you are so inclined to allow it in! ♡

Wonders you will find include:
Raw and living foods
Vegan foods
Whole foods
Lifestyle ideas
Creative tools for thinking and feeling
Meeting Guest Bloggers
Things that will make you smile....

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