Monday, January 24, 2011

Breaking it down :)

Rampage of Appreciation means that I am focusing my energy on thoughts that feel good to me.  If anything outside of my control indicates anything less than feel good thoughts ( I will know, because I will experience thoughts that dont feel good to me) I will immediately say to myself...I now what I DONT want, Now What DO I want right now?  And the answer is: To feel good!
  So to be connected to my Source Energy and to feel good means that I will be focused and aware of everything that I can appreciate in my life!  This is how I tune in...turn on and connect with the Universe and this is how I begin to really see and feel the Law of Attraction working in my life.  Already I have felt my attitude and energy shift! Once I made my focus on being totally devoted to Appreciation NO MATTER WHAT...I have begun to experience a lot of things to appreciate.  YOU cannot be in a crappy frame of mind at the same time you are actively flowing from a state of appreciation.

It seems that I am indeed attracting more and more things into my awareness to fact the more I look for and focus on things to appreciate the easier it is to feel good!

As a result I am continuing to feel good, inspired, creative and energetic!

There are no limits to the awesome experience's I will have throughout my day just because I am in control over how I am choosing to feel.

My focus in life is about Devotion to Appreciation, Feeling Good and Living Fully in the Flow. What else could be more important then feeling good? All the time!!! I am here to live a life of my own creation and to revel in the beauty and wonder of all that is possible.
  I would also love to hear from other Life Design Creators as well....I will be having guest bloggers who are taking their life design to inspiring levels and I want to learn and share from others who are LIVING a LIFE 0f their own beautiful Design!

So what are you waiting for?  NOW is all there is...get your appreciation on and Feel Good NOW! :)


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