Friday, December 25, 2009


I am giving over to the practice.  Its like with anything, if you just practice thoughtfully, intently and focused, than you can achieve a level of accomplishment in what ever you are practicing.  It takes time, commitment and determination.

I practice making raw food and because of that I have some raw food tricks up my sleeve and do manage to make some very satisfying meals and snacks. I don't try to claim I am a raw food chef or guru because that would be silly, there are folks far more suited to claim those titles and rightly so. They have, through their passion and dedication, worked for and earned recognition. I know they didn't get where they are without practicing their craft. It's the most essential part of growing and learning, practicing is what gets us to where we are going. It's what makes us strong.

I practice my faith. It has strengthened my inner life and is evident in my outer life as well.  Most people have a practice, whether its a spiritual one or just being in nature or connecting with the natural world in a gentle way, it is still practice.  It is part of who I am and when I practice my faith, I feel better.

Yoga practice has become incredibly important to me.  I see it not only as a necessity in my life but as a way to stay connected to my body and to work through more challenging energies that arise such as stress or emotional turmoil.  Yoga has saved me so many times, and has shown me the strong and capable version of myself that I wish to continue being actively aware of.  It makes my daily life flow, puts me in a state of awareness that is humbling and uplifting at the same time.  I can feel my body shifting into a balanced pose smoothly, as well as my thoughts and energy. It is work, its often hard but it's a good feeling to step into my day more confident and aware. These are just some of the things, I have found practice good for.


If I cannot forgive myself for all the blunders
That I have made over the years,
Then how can I proceed?
How can I ever dream perfection-dreams?
Move, I must, forward.
Fly, I must, upward.
Dive, I must, inward,
To be once more
What I truly am
And shall forever remain.

Practice :)

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