Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am in the Raw Food Rehab Unit!

I am so very excited to be a part of the New Online Community of Support and Love, Created by Penni Shelton, Called Raw Food Rehab (as if you didn't already know).  And if you really don't know, what are you waiting for? Get your Raw Juicy Body over there!  Isn't it time to fall in love all over again with Raw Food?

With the Holidays just around the bend, support is more important than ever!   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what Penni has done and how Welcomed I feel in the Space she created for all of us to enjoy and be our best selves in.
This Friday members, if they choose can begin a more intensive 11 week Program aimed to help you be accountable and really focused on your raw food goals.  You can expect results if you are serious and put in the time and effort to help yourself.
If you are not quite ready to challenge yourself like that, no worries the entire community still gets all the love and information that everyone in the "Vault" Receives.

So just Come and Join, Relax by the Pool, let your mind wander through the Gardens and delight in a world that you  can dream and be yourself in, surrounded by beautiful souls who are supportive, encouraging and inspiring!

What more can I say?
Its a Beautiful Day to Begin Anew...
See You There!




bitt said...

glad you are there!

HippieMom said...

Lovely post & your place is great as well;-D)



Happy Heart Company said...

Thank You Ladies for your warm comments! Hugs

James Reno said...

Excellent Blog! I am glad you are Raw Food Rehabbing!

To Your Health!
James Reno (editor)

Jules Atasha said...

Nice blog! treatment or rehabilitation of individuals is great:)


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