Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventures in Urban Gardening

We have seen lots of young praying mantis's while working on our garden projects..yay
Along the right hand side is where I planted native sunflowers that will get as tall as 9 ft. Great for privacy for us and our neighbors :)

The very front row closest to the street is Rose Verbena (my favorite wildflower). Then Behind the Verbena we planted the Purple Echinacea...yes the medicinal kind! Then the Golden Currant (native edibles) and the Nine Barks both are shrubs and will grow very tall and give us privacy!
2nd step was unloading the compost and it took 5 truckloads in a Toyota truck (which is a small truck). After about 3 weeks when the grass was dead, we dug down, peeled back the layers of newspaper and planted our native gold and are now enjoying the fine work we have done. In the Spring, our yard will be most awesome a site to behold!

1st we put down newspaper we got for free from the local recycle company. It's about 2" deep. This is to kill out the grass and weeds, without harming the critters that live in and on the yard. Then we added compost from the local city compost. Its free if you scoop it yourself, and with shovels, hi ho hi ho it was off to the compost to get our free dirt/mulch combo :)

Oh but it's been a lovely weekend for Gardening and my oh my so much has been accomplished since Charles and I first began the transformation of the front yard.

1. Mowing lawns Suck! Now I know some people find it relaxing and such, that's fine for those folks. As for me, I have better things to do then mow grass, I have plants to plant and lovely herbs and veggies to harvest and yummy raw foods to create :) !!

2. Planting Wild Native species just makes sense to me, especially when there are so many wonderful and useful plants to choose from. The great thing about native plants is they are native to your state or area and that makes them the perfect choice for landscaping ones yard. They fit the climate and harsh conditions that other more foo foo plants cannot handle and thus generally need more care and maintenance. I like cats....they tend to themselves for the most part...I like plants that do the same.

3. The method we used is called lasagna gardening, and by doing it this way there will be less weed pulling and more of the plants that we will enjoy growing in the front and back yards. I will also be documenting all the fun we have doing the back yards for all our foods that we will grow year round.

Here is the list of what we planted- all of these are Missouri Wild Native Plants:

Rose Verbena
Purple Coneflower
Golden Currant
Nine Bark
White Sage
Dwarf Rose Bush
Garden Phlox

Check out the Missouri Wildflower web site if you like and you can see all the wonderful plants to choose from and then be sure to check out the wildflower nursery's in your own state....keep it real and keep it Native!

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James Reno said...

What an awesome garden. It is sooo cool that you have it in front as well! I am an urban gardener as well, but mine is smaller and in the back. Way to go!!!

To Your Health!
James Reno (editor)