Friday, July 10, 2009

This is about living my bliss

My Blog Posts are about how I am doing it...I am not saying what I do is right for you or will work for you...I am saying that I had to find tools to use and that a big part of how I live my bliss is withing the postings of my blog...I am a 40 yr young woman. I don't look at that number as a bad me its just a marker of where I have arrived as I live my life within this mortal coil. I am fresh, I am free, I am me. I only see the possibilities in everything...Never willing to settle for what seems true on the surface when it doesn't feel right in my heart...

Live your bliss

Are you?

If Yes....Wonderful!

If No....Its your choice...its always up to you...Thats what the people who are saying yes are doing and understand. I am not going to tell you what to do, not going to even suggest that I have all the answers...I don't. What I do have is curiosity, about everything that helps me be more aware in my daily life. I am open to all the universe has to offer....I choose with every choice I make what my life is, what my experiences are.

Everyday I wake up and I blink my eyes while trying to focus. I realize that I have indeed awoken from another slumber and smile because I am alive. Not everyone is going to be able to enjoy that. A lot of people will start the day like any other day, and wearing a frown. That is the energy they are broadcasting, that is the energy that they are going to receive...a winner is a winner because they think like a winner, they act like a winner and they lose like a winner...its all about how you behave, even when in doubt, I have never gone wrong when adjusting my attitude. My heart always knows when the mind needs to be tuned. Its so simple, taking the time to tend to your own sacred should be pouring more then just a little time and love into the cultivation of your inner most happiness and bliss. What could possibly be more important than You? You are vital to others, you must realize how vital you are to yourself. In fact you can either hinder or progress upon your path. The choices you make every single day are the choices that have begun to fully shape your so called reality. You helped create your life with the assistance of the universe and the impeccable laws that govern without fail.

Dont let the funk and grind get you down...never give up, never give in!


1rawgirl :)


pedalgrl said...

You damn hippie, tree hugger. I love damn hippies and tree huggers. PEACE sista.

TwinkieR* said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing. You are a true inspiration (especially for us 40 year olds-LOL).. Many Blessings to you~~ I will be reading!