Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Simple Path

The Sufi message below really spoke to me and fell right in line with what my 1 clear focus is for the next 7 days. To Connect with the Universe 3 times a day. Morning, noon and evening for 20 min ea. It adds up to a total of 1 hour a day. This is the kind of space that I can expect good things to grow from...I am tending to my inner garden...cosmic truth needs fertile ground. Every day, 3 times a day, I am preparing my ground. What will grow is likely to nourish me. I believe it will sustain me. I am willing to try, to be receptive and see where this takes me. Inaction has its place...action has its place as well. I am breathing...I have made my choice :)

Creating a space to attune with the infinite, the Universe, call it what you will. Whats important is that I connect with it, with conscious intent, 3 times a day within said space and see what happens :)

Volume VI - The Alchemy of Happiness


The Spiritual Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan

Tuning ourselves to the infinite is achieved by the way of silence, by the way of meditation, by the way of thinking of something which is beyond and above all things of this mortal world. By giving some moments of our life to the thought of getting in tune with that which is the source and goal of all of us, realizing that in that source alone is the secret of our happiness and peace.

The nature of being in tune with the infinite is this: comparing our soul to a string of an instrument, it is tied at both ends. One is the infinite, and the other is the finite. When a person is conscious all the time of the finite then he is tuned to the finite, while the one who is conscious of the infinite is tuned to the infinite. Being in tune with the former makes us limited, weak, hopeless, and powerless. But by being in tune with the latter we obtain the power and strength that will pull us through life in whatever adverse conditions may arise.

Original link to the Sufi excerpt above. My gratitude for these truths, always.

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