Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Energy & Space-The Inner Frontier

What I have learned while practicing the relaxation exercise 3 times a day is that I have been resistant throughout the last 7 days to this practice. Not surprising! Rarely do people make this space for themselves even though it is the kind of practice that can transform daily life by allowing one to connect with a space of pure energy. I guess all space is pure energy, but I am consciously staying awake while connecting to energy in this space. Its my intent that is so key. I realized also, that by not fully committing myself to un-interrupted time to do this practice, I am not only cheating myself out of good things, but I am also not respecting myself. I have made some very interesting connections indeed over this practice and I look forward to being open to receiving only the best in my life through this practice. This is not only an investment in my daily life, but in my future as well! does not do a body good...Relaxation, now thats the Ticket...Yeahhhhhh :)

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