Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Susan Powter

I could not Sleep last Sunday Night, I ended up surfing the net until 3:30 am. But one site that I was really happy to check out was the Awesome Susan Powter! She has a new Book/program out and on her site she has an Ask Susan page, so I asked her this and this is what she replied back with:

On 07/06 Margo asks:

Can belly fat be tight and tone without plastic surgery? I have 45 pounds to go and want tone abs more than anything. Can it happen with whole food and exercise? ps. You look Awesome!

Oh, your
Body can get
Lean, lean
Lean and
Strong as
Hell absolutely....

And, you
Are lucky
45 lbs
Answer is
Without a

Susan Powter

I really like Susan's no non-sense approach...I mean it doesn't get too much simpler than eat, breathe, move and think right? All I can Say, is I am going to save up my money and see what happens, the hour consultation alone is worth the price of the program and people should really know that plastic surgery just isn't the ideal answer..quick fix perhaps, but you are still left with all the emotional crap that got you fat in the first place and trust me, unless you get that stuff worked out by utilizing really sensible tools...you'll be under the knife for the rest of your life...I think there is a better way!

And she looks phenomenal and her attitude is dead on! She says it like it is and I LOVE That!

check out her site: http://www.susanpowteronline.com/


Anonymous said...

No doubt, Susan is beautiful. She's also had a tummy tuck, full body lipo, and breast implants, which is part of her personal body modification that she won't talk about.

45 pounds is not easy to lose, but you're a lot closer to goal weight than many. Whether you can attain a hard, flat stomach with exercise alone depends on several factors, including age, genetics, underlying muscle, childbirths, etc.

Geriatric bypass patients have the toughest go of it because they lose weight rapidly, usually have poor muscle tone, and cannot exercise during the first several weeks of weight loss.

Unfortunately, for those patients and some others, the skin loses its elasticity: like a balloon that has been overstretched, it cannot regain its prior tightness. For these people, some overhang will exist regardless of how thin they get or how much muscle they build. Surgery is often an option for them after they've built the best body they could through traditional means.

However, 45 pounds is really not that much, and hopefully you'll find that in slowly losing the weight through a healthy diet and (as important) exercise your skin's elasticity will prove resilient.

Margo-1rawgirl :) said...

Dear Anonymous, I wonder who you are...why you say what you say and are not public about your identity, but no matter, you are coming at this from a different train of thought. I have no idea if what you say about Susan is true or not, though I dont doubt that a body can get back to its natural lean, tight self if given proper care on all levels...So, thank you for your imput, but for now, I believe I will stick with Susan and stand by my post...


Anonymous said...

I'm not the anonymous from above, but I'd like to say that including your first name (Margo) in a comment hardly amounts to identifying yourself. If you want to give us your last name, address, and social security number, that would do the trick. Anyway, basically, there is a lot of truth in what the previous anonymous commenter wrote, and I feel like you were sharp in your response when she/he was only being honest and reasonable. Susan Powter HAS had plastic surgery. And skin issues after significant weight loss are common even in people who have gone everything the "right" way. A lot depends on the condition of your skin in general, which in turn depends quite a bit on genetics. All things being equal, any significantly heavy person has done their skin no favors. How well your skin responds to that is not something that you can control completely, even with diet and exercise.

margo said...

PAH to anonymous #2 take that however you like and by the way...I am Margo..I am the creator of this blog...1rawgirl...so if you dont like my tone, dont read my blog, dont bother leaving comments either :)

Also, If you take your time and have not lost weight super fast so that you have lots of excess skin to snap back in shape, not only I, but many others as well believe that you Can be tight and tone with diet AND exercise. I am just saying, if you want to leave comments, without your social security numbers included of course, feel free to do so...it just looks better that way than a random verbal spew at someone....and I always leave my name when it comes to comments on others blogs.