Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 days- connection 3 times a day -update

I just wanted to share that I have been doing this exercise...if you read my previous post, then you know what I am doing. Relaxing for 20 min a day, 3 times a day. Sounds so easy and peaceful and it is and it aint. But heres the deal and why I am still continuing to do it. I made the commitment to see it through, and through the experience of doing this for myself the Universe would be able to get through all the malarkey that murks and muses around in my head at any given time. I do it because I have nothing to lose by doing it and I prefer to try things that I am told will assist me with my goals. I am more adventurous in my life now then ever before. So I am willing to let life take me on an adventure...I think its what life is about.

Am I able to stay on course with the 3 times a day? Yes. It takes me telling myself sometimes, that I am doing this for myself, just like I am bicycling or eating raw food. I am eating, breathing, swimming energy. So, I sit at my desk, and play my 20 min relaxation mp3 file and with feet flat on the floor and back upright....Do It. If I lay down and do it...I'm out like a light....Thats not the goal, the goal is to connect with energy and have more energy then before doing it. When I sit upright it really helps, its over before I know it. Sometimes I pop my eye open to see how many min I have left to sit there...its funny, trying to observe my ego, rushing me through what I need, in my head space where I am relaxed and un-entangled from my inner, practically non-stop dialog. Afterwards, I feel, well... I feel lighter and I feel like there are less thoughts in my head clouding up my present moment...freeing me up for whatever the Universe has for me.

I still make myself do it, but like anything that is good for you, if it were easy right off the bat, I probably would not appreciate the benefits of a quiet, more stilled and balanced mind.
Got Patience? I highly recommend cultivating does a body, mind, heart and Soul Good! :)


pedalgrl said...

1 Raw Girl - you are my heroine. Honestly, the things that you do, I too draw from. When I read your account of the breathing exercises, I am brought into the moment with you. I appreciate that a lot. I can't thank you enough for helping ME by helping YOU. The universe does that I believe.

Funny, my ego also talks by body out of a lot as well. And peeks at clocks and checks to see if I can skip over things to get to others. That is is true with us all.

Peace dear heart.

Margo said...

Thank You Pedalgrl! I am so glad to know that my words touch you! I genuinely feel blessed by your blog as well!! I love how the internet is a hub where people can come together and spread so much love and light and priceless information...

much love
:) margo