Monday, June 22, 2009

What is a Mentor: Introducing Jimmy Allen

I met Jimmy Allen on Facebook back in March while I was in Reno doing the Raw Food Challenge. When ever I meet someone I like to go to their homepage and get to know them a little better. I am after all a Gemini and dearly love to socialize and network online.

Jimmy has an online mentoring business and has begun mentoring sessions with me. I have found them to be very powerful in moving the energy that is stuck in my head and in my life.
I am seeing clarity that has alluded me the majority of time in my professional and personal life. When I am done with a session( I've had 3 thus far), I feel confident that I know exactly what my next step is, and I would like to point out...thats a heck of a good feeling! I intend on blogging about this experience as it unfolds in the days and weeks to come....

So Why should YOU care? Well I care and that should count for something :) Besides I expressed my idea to Jimmy about making this available to people so that they could experience how effective his Mentoring is, and I believe it was something he wanted to do to reach more people(there is only 1 of him after all and so many of us) :).......and the result is Free Workshops that will be available weekly via Skype. If you are not on Facebook yet, you might consider joining and while your at it, why not start by making friends there with Jimmy Allen!

Here is the Link to the Free 50min Workshop via Skype:

The Secret to Solving Any Problem with Your Child.

There are 9 spaces available for this mentoring session and they will fill up fast. If you have a child and long to communicate effectively with them, then this may work well for you. So RSVP quickly :)

Here is his Official Website 12th Space:

I really appreciate Jimmy because he is doing something that is helping me make my life better and I think thats news worth sharing with others, but also I hope that people who feel moved to, will utilize these free workshops as well and if you like e-mail me or Jimmy afterwards and tell us what you think.

What is the 1 clear Goal I am focused on at Present?
Financial Health

I will be posting more about my journey and about each clear goal that I attain!
Until then be sure to catch the free 50 min workshops coming up :)

Luv 1rawgirl

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