Saturday, June 27, 2009

A vision of whats to come for my Blog :)

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you my vision for the direction that my blog is headed. Many of you come and read this blog, Because I love Raw and Living Foods. This is never going to change, I can assure you. However, I must share with you that I have a vision for this blog and how its going to evolve as I am growing and evolving. I am the kind of person who loves information and I love sharing information. The kind of information I am interested in will be revealed in future posts. I have begun to move in this direction already as you may have noticed by reading some of my newest posts.

Right Now, I am cultivating like so many of you, a life that I can be an active and present participant in. When I say that I want to live Heaven Now, it means that I am not satisfied waiting until the inevitable demise of the mortal vehicle that I inhabit to enjoy an after life that may or may not be there ( though I do believe life continues). I just do not have conscious factual knowledge of the life that I feel exists after death. No matter, again my interest is living my life fully NOW. To make the best use of each day that I wake up into live a life that has purpose and meaning to that I can give and receive love without limits or reservations.

Sounds kinda easy, but anyone who has been living in the real world knows first hand that life takes a certain amount of time in learning what is effective and what is not. Life helps with this unfolding naturally as you live. The key I think is not to fight it, but to learn how to flow with it, how to find the tools and the people or actions that inspire and motivate you. It's so easy to get stuck and mired down with negative thinking...but again that is only a tool, a way to help you to not settle. Some people give up and get terribly a myriad of ways all numerous, all just traps to waste time and allow people to make excuses...been there done that...time to move on say I...Always ready to learn my lessons and move on sooner or later :)

So to wrap this little diddy up, lets just suffice it to say that 1rawgirl is evolving. Not just in my personal life but in the virtual world as well....Yes, there is always going to be Raw Food in My Life, its always going to be something I am interested in and passionate about, it set me on a path of transformation a decade ago...this will not change, it will, just like me, continue to evolve in the way that I advocate Living Foods and share my experiences.

I want to share with you a personal experience that resulted from a session with Jimmy Allen, my Online Mentor. I decided that for 1 clear goal I would use 24 hrs to observe, focus and just in general be aware of my breath. This is a short log of what I experienced during this exercise if you will.

I wrote this to Jimmy, letting him now what happened during my 24 hrs and I am now sharing it with you. :)

Hi Jimmy,
I wanted to let you know that I achieved my 1-24hr clear goal of breathing. I am very pleased with the experience and find it odd that I have never done it before. I started out setting my cell phone alarm for 15 min increments, which was useful and a pain in the pa-toot-tee, but served its purpose, because after about 2 hours of my phone going off every 15 min, i started hearing the alarm without the phone going it helped to keep my goal in the forefront of my mind for sure! I breathed with awareness doing so many different things in the last 24 hrs...i washed dishes, talked to people, drove my car, drank smoothies and ate tomatoes with avocados, went to the library, went shopping, made dinner, gave sage a bath, made love, went to sleep and upon waking was aware of my goal and it made me smile to have 1 goal pop into my head that I knew I would not fail doing :) Throughout the experience I noticed how my breath would change, I noticed all the different kinds of breathing I was doing throughout all my varied activities...i felt breath that was comfortable and uncomfortable, stressed and calm.... subconscious and conscious....I just never knew what a web of breath one can be tangled up in or flowing with until the last 24 hrs.

And I did not let myself take on or make any other 1 clear goals,(though my brain really tried from time to time... not until I reached this one...and now I am so pleased! Thank You for helping me to help myself and I am looking forward to my next 1 clear goal because I have a feeling it will be one that I am ready to experience and take on!
who knew that breathing would be such an adventure?!

Hugs while breathing are wonderful!

Hugs to you :)


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pedalgrl said...

Margo beautiful one, as I read the "1 Clear" account, I was also trying to stay with the breath.

I laughed with joy, as you told of the Phantom cell phone alarm, a sound that I myself have conjured many times. It brings me to a lovely exercise that I walked through a lot this winter. It basically was me not lunging to the cell with each beep signaling a new inbound text message.

I have become one of the scores who have slowly evolved into a cyber/anti-social creature. In mnay ways, my text messages have become my source of friendship and as a result, that inbound signal has become a crutch.

For many reasons, I opted to not answer the text, and in unhealthy exchanges, I deleted countless msgs w/o reading them. That exercise taught me many things, one of which was if you let the bulk of most stressful moments diffuse sans banter and asp-tongued retorts, a lot of sadness and angst is avoided.

It sounds ridiculously elemental to take a cell phone vacation, but I have found it to be essential to reconnect with humanity to letting go of it for awhile.

I love and adore your efforts. Keep breathing 1CLEAR.