Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Clear direction comes from the quality of my energy....

Clear direction is about my relationship with connectivity in the Universe....

Simple, un-confused, single minded connectivity & receptivity.

Experiencing the value of accomplishing one clear goal through breathing, was a very powerful exercise for me.

I Imagine one clear goal that is big and powerful beyond breathing...sharing with me the energy, drive, answers and people for that to happen, for financial health to occur.

It is no longer necessary or effective for me to do things the old way to get clear direction.

Right Now clear direction for me, means simply to improve my connection to my source of energy...enhancing my receptivity to the Universe so un-necessary ideas and actions may dissolve and the process can become simple...everything will begin to move more effectively in one clear direction....improving the quality of the connection I have in my life with the source, with energy...

To start: I include breathing awareness, opening up, receiving, simplifying my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

To be Clear in my mind and body I eat a High Raw Diet of Fresh Living Foods daily. I Exercise Everyday either Bicycling, Walking, or Yoga. I keep my home Clutter Free, so everywhere I look on the surface, as well as where things are kept out of site are neat and in place.
Everyday I focus on my spiritual practices and I keep conscious awareness on my thoughts, feelings and actions,( and non-actions too).

Is it helping me in anyway? Well, Yes I believe it does assist me. I feel more fluid in my day, able to move through whatever comes my way with a sense of strength and purpose and well being.
I find that my attitude is much better when I stay consistent with the above activities.
Will I discover/uncover financial health for myself? I see no reason why not. Patience is a virtue and I am cultivating all the patience possible to assist me as I invite myself to be receptive to the opportunities that can allow me to experience and enjoy financial health in my life, if I am not actively blocking it with un-consciousness in my daily life.

To live a life without Fear...We need Energy my Dear :)

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