Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chocolate Girl-Vanessa Barg

If you live in NYC or are planning a visit there around the time of June 27th, you should consider attending a Chocolate Party being Thrown by Owner of Gnosis Chocolates, Vanessa Barg-aka Chocolate Girl. I love her energy and her business vision. As a young and Beautiful Entrepreneur, its easy to see that she truly cares about the earth and about her hand made product-Raw Chocolate. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with her via e-mail and always find her to be as sweet and down to earth as her delicious Chocolates! Vanessa really adds to the Raw Food World with her Business styleand this is why:

Made with Gaia Consciousness
As a conscious company, Gnosis Chocolate is dedicated to improving the health of your body, our society, and the planet! All of our products are 100% made by hand (we use absolutely NO machines in our kitchen!) and our ingredients are sourced sustainably. Our packaging is 100% recycled and FSC certified, and our labels are made from corn! 10% of all profits are donated to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

...She just makes eating Raw Chocolate look like a lot of fun! Is there Guilt over eating Gnosis Raw Chocolate? Forget about it! :)

Check out her link: get your tickets and go have a tasty, informative and fun filled time. Awesome people to meet and you don't want to miss the 2 hour talk by Daniel Vitalis, Known for making truly essential Elixirs for health and well being. Here is Daniels Link:

Luv 1rawgirl

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