Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bohocrush~Get Raw In Reno Challenge ~PhotoShoot

Starting from top right: Sheila, Georgette, Anastasia, Miko, Kendra, Jowee & Margo.

These Goddesses helped make the Raw in Reno Challenge a Success! And they came and played with Georgette and Shone from bohocrush, doing this photo shoot, so that we could have a Beautiful and Natural ending to 1 incredible month. I love each and everyone of these ladies and I wouldn't have changed a thing! Simply put I had the time of my life in Reno and Everyone there involved with the Challenge help make it an unforgeable experience!

Being in Reno gave me time to slow down and reflect upon myself and what I wanted to create for my own personal life and happiness. Doing yoga regularly made a huge difference and one that was undeniable in its effect of major core strengthening and grounding. Overall I just felt stronger, more in shape and happier. I had moments of unbalanced emotions, but I think I managed to work through a lot of lingering issues in my life so that I could move forward, feeling lighter and freer.

About the Reno Community:
Personally, I have never known or seen in action a group of people within a community who are so willing to create thriving and electric connections. They are so committed to supporting and nurturing, encouraging and inspiring one another along...I was blown away constantly at how they opened their world up to me and how wonderful they were with me and to each other.....I Loved It!

Being in Reno Changed me, and I am moving through my days with gratitude and smiling eyes.... I came back to Missouri with my batteries recharged, but taking almost 4 weeks for me to decompress from the experience, and you should never rush the process.
I gave myself lots of observation.... loving observation....Healing, growing, and trusting takes time and tools. I am allowing my life to unfold, no struggling necessary...I learned so much from each person I met, the outcome of such an experience will effect me for quite some time I imagine!

I hope that everyone who came to the raw dinners or was doing the raw challenge for the month of March took the time to really connect with themselves. It was a perfect opportunity to grow and strengthen the love within. I am glad to have been a part of it and I look forward to hearing from others what the Raw in Reno Challenge meant to them...

Special Thanks to:
Everyone involved in the Challenge, even if I didnt name you here, I Thank You from the deepest part of my Heart!

Ana and Baldo for sharing your home and your life with me, I always felt at home with you both and that means a lot to me :) You both inspired me more than you will ever know...
Laura Green, you little angel creature you...Thank you for getting me around Reno and to Yoga Class..and for opening your home up for the Raw Food Dinners...xoxoxo ( and to your man Mick, who is the Sweetest Fellow)! Hugs
Miko, You Rock, you have it going on! Thank you for hanging with me when I got my Tattoo and for taking me out for Sushi after! and for taking me Hooping at the park with you!
Sheila, you have the most beautiful heart and space to nurture children with your Earth Art, and I think you Are Incredible Too, Thank You for the time you spent with me!
Jowee the space you have created at the Yogic Lounge is Perfect and I LOVED being there and all of the Yoga instructors were awesome, especially YOU :) Thank You for all you did for the Raw Yoga Challenge, we could not have done it without you!
Kendra, I think you know how much I adore you and Thank You for being You..xoxo
Georgette, I don't think there are enough words to describe just how wonderful I think you are!
you are simply Marvelous in every way!
Shone, Thank you for doing the Photo shoot...You are an amazing and rare person, who is considerably talented and loved that is clear! xoxoxo
Schall Thank You for putting so much Love and Care into the Vod Deli and for being a Part of the Raw in Reno Challenge...You are Incredible and you have Great People working with You!
Carl and Ellen, You both journeyed through a snowstorm to give my friends in Reno a taste of the Universal Dances of Peace. Something very dear to my heart and something I could not live without! Thank You so Much!
Connie Brown-Caldwell, you inspire me and I am such a fan of your writing! Thank You for making vlogs for the Raw in Reno Challenge! Your contribution was priceless as is your friendship :) Hugs

What else can I say? Everyone in Reno that I met had a profound effect on me...I was moved to open my heart and enjoy the love and goodness that flowed all around me...
Also Eternal Thanks to Jowee and Ana for intoroducing me to a new kind of Yoga~Acro Yoga won my Heart!

Viva La Acro Yoga

Viva La bohocrush

Viva La Yogic Lounge

Viva La Vod Deli

Viva La Bliss

Until we meet again.....

Much Love from MO

Check out Georgette's Blog from bohocrush if your 18 or over:


@gcrush said...


I am so thankful for you goddess. You nurtured our community, our hearts, and our souls. You shared so much love and gave so much energy. Always eager, always willing to keep moving forward.

I know that our lifestyle can be so challenging for newbies, and you flew threw it light as a feather.

I still have people talking and asking about the reno raw food and yoga challenge. I am eternally grateful!

I have a funny feeling that we have not seen the last of our collaborations. :)

I am happy to be here teasing you and taunting you and slowly releasing all of the amazing pictures that we have of you! Somebody in this life needs to be the tease, and it is our pleasure to be in this place! :)

I love you girl!!!

hugs and kisses and bites and spanks!

oh and thank you for inspiring kendra and I to write the blow job post. :)


Green Sun Gardens said...

I love you G!
Its my pleasure to be teased by you!
You really are a gift, we are all like bright shiny beautifully wrapped presents...I love the gift that you are! The World is magical because of people like you and Shone and the close and loving community you have helped to create in Reno and Internationally.

You and Shone are nothing less than impeccable with your words. I have the deepest gratitude for You and Shone and the energy you two radiate is electric and soothing. When either of you spoke I only heard the essence...your thoughts deliberate and based entirely upon truth. I love communicating with people on this level...and it can be shocking and disturbing, but healing often occurs and perceptions shift, and everything clicks into place. That happened for me a lot in Reno, but especially my last night in Reno. Thank You for That G!

I am glad people are still talking about it! Raw Food and Yoga has got the Love Vibe going on :)

I've got 3 walls full of sticky Colored Tabs and I'm not afraid to use em :)..hehe Yes, I have that funny feeling too...I would collaborate with You, no matter where you are on this planet..

And Thank You and Kendra for the In depth and wonderfully written blow jobs post...I learned things :) and with anything you want to get good at...Practice, practice, practice... :)

I enjoyed that immensely !
My Love to You Georgette!


~Be fearless-Live your Bliss~