Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raw Mexican Dinner in Reno :)

Me and Laura...the Lovely lady who hosted the party at her awesome home.
everyone lined up buffet style to load their plates up with Fresh Mixed Greens, Corn Chips, Pineapple Salsa, Spanish Rice, Nacho Cheese, Refried Beans, Guacamole and for those Daring enough, really freaking hot Green Salsa!
Green Salsa...super Calente'
Pineapple Salsa
Happy Gringo's
Anastasia's super freakin fantastic Raw Guacamole
Beautiful Smiling Faces...
No one could keep their hands out of the Corn Chips...Thats a GOOD Thing!
The Line of Hungry Folks just kept going and going...yeah!
Oh The yummy goodness of Raw Mexican Food :)
I have noticed that people just can't help but smile when they are at a Raw Food Potluck...its food worth smiling about!
More Margarita enjoyment going on :)
What Lovely Guests we had to visit with and enjoy such great company during the Meal!
Folks enjoying Strawberry Margarita's :) some virgin, some not so virgin..hehe
Making the Dessert
Two Beautiful Princesses :) and they are huh?!!
This young fella was waiting ever so patiently for the Ice Cream...Cant you Tell?! :)

Ana was making ice cream as fast as she could...The Natives were getting Restless and I was putting the finishing touches on the Dessert...Raw Chocolate sprinkles with Cinnamon and Agave!

What a Fun Night and A Huge Turn Out of very Enthusiastic Folks who were Hungry and inquisitive about Eating Raw Food! We even had a couple of Children who were very sweet and did a great job of taste testing the Goodies...I think their favorite dish however was the Banana Ice Cream sprinkled with Raw chocolate and Cinnamon and topped with a drizzling of Raw Agave Nector :)

This was the last official Raw Food Dinner...I heard lots of talk about how they wanted to keep this sort of fun going even after I have gone back to Missouri...Hearing that makes me happy, and lets me know that I have done a good job getting people interested in eating Living Foods! Yeah!! Reno is Got it Going On! :)

With Luv from Reno


Penni said...

What an amazing night! Margo, have you been preparing the majority of all of the food? I'm sitting here at my computer drooling. What a spectacular month this must have been for you and everyone involved. It's been fun watching from afar, but I would have loved to have been there in the big middle of it all!

Love to you!

pedalgrl said...

Margo - you are my hero for so many reasons! I think it is time for another video to you! How long is the food challenge or is it done for this year? Peace and love doll. You are a ROCK!

1 Raw Girl said...

Penni I would have loved you being there, perhaps we can uncook up a event of our own in the future? Thank you for your love and support Penni :)

1 Raw Girl said...

Connie, I have just been thinking the same is about time for another video installment...the Raw in Reno event is over for this year and who knows whats to follow...You are my Hero too! Love ya girl :)

Bret said...

Your raw mexican dinner is really inspiring! So many smiling faces, and the food looked delicious too!