Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raw Food Dinner~ Asian Style~

This is Cam~ She is a Gemini Vegetarian :)
Raw Rice
Asian Noodle Salad

Young baby Coconuts
Mick's Got the Idea!

Tammy and Lynn two lovely Ladies enjoying a Raw Meal :)

The Beautiful Jowee making her Raw Sushi Roll

Jeffry, Ana, Mikey J and Lynn
Ana and Jowee taking Twit Pics

The Lovely Laura who Hosted the Party in her Fab home
This lovely Lady made a lovely plate for herself...I love it when people get creative with their food!

Laura Made that lovely wrap and the sushi wrap below

Too good to be dainty...
After eating A LOT of food, folks still had energy to enjoy Acro Yoga and other activities of Fun

Here is a Short Video Clip of Everyones opinion of the Raw Asian Dinner...wish YOU had been there? Of Course you do :)


What Fun What Fun~ I met the most lovely people who came to dinner and got in the kitchen and helped prepare the meal that we would all enjoy.
The Menu:

Asian Noodles in a Creamy Nut Sauce -Kelp Noodles, Raw almond Butter, Pablano Pepper, Olive oil, Brags Liquid Aminoes & Lemon Juice.

Raw Sushi-Seaweed Wraps, Raw Rice, Avocados, Carrots, Cucumbers, Hot Mushroom Sauce, Sour Kraut, Pickled Ginger, green onion, Red onion, Bean Sprouts.

Raw Rice-Cauliflower, Ginger, Olive Oil, Raw Tahini, Sea Salt, Braggs Liquid Aminoes.

Hot Mushroom Sauce-Baby Bella Mushrooms, JalapeƱos, Sea Salt.

Young Baby Coconuts for Dessert ( which most everyone was too full to eat) :)

Folks came and helped prep the meal, and see how the raw rice was made. They asked questions and had a lovely time and I think they left with some ideas of how to eat more Raw in their diet. Regardless it was a VERY GOOD TIME! as the Pictures and Video Testify :) Well truth is we could not stop eating it was all so tasty and fun to make!

Thank You to Everyone who could Make It the Asian Dinner, it would not have been Fun without all of YOU!

With A Belly Full of Fresh Raw Asian Food

Luv from Reno

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