Sunday, March 1, 2009

It has Begun! Get Raw In Reno is On Baby...Oh Yeah!

Good Morning to Everyone who is Participating with us and or Just following along and seeing what this is all about....You are in for a Treat, because myself, Georgette and more amazing people who you will soon meet are so excited to be bringing a different Twist to the Raw Food Community!
This first week is about getting everything together and working out the details...this is a journey, so as we work and play through the process we will be sharing it all with you as we go...So what are we doing today? Well, today is a day to wake up and make a choice....Even if it is to eat only 1 raw thing, then Super, you are doing Great! Today is about taking small steps towards big changes that offer the best reward of all...the gift of Love to yourself in the form of conscious choice, whether it be the food you are preparing and eating, or movement of some sort for your body. Just ask yourself what can I do today to love and honor myself? One thing you can do is make sure you drink plenty of water today! We will have some really Great Ideas for you as well! Be patient with yourself and be patient with us, because everything is falling beautifully into place and Tonight you are all invited to join us Via Online to our first official Get Raw in Reno Meeting. More Details will be posted as to the time, and links will be provided. Sound Mysterious? Good...Because we are getting ready to have some serious Fun and you are all invited! Stay Tuned....and make that choice to join in the fun!

Love from Reno

1rawgirl :)

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