Friday, March 20, 2009

Imaria~My Beautiful Friend

This Young Lady is wise beyond her years and Beautiful as well, inside and out! She is my Son, Tarrens, Girlfriend. They Met at Sufi Camp and Fell in Love...Ahhh Love :)

Ari and I have became fast friends and she surprised me with this lovely recipe....she's always surprising me and sending me notes...My Son is a Very Lucky young Man to have such an Amazing Young Woman by his side! so Here is the note I found in my Email this morning....Enjoy, I cant wait to try the recipe myself! Love You Ari :)

Hey Margo!
i miss you sooooo freaking much! but i know you are having a blast so its OK.
while staying with my cousin in Colorado he made this really great German carrot salad. so i thought i would send you the recipe. is super good!
2 lbs of fresh carrots
1 cup fresh squeezed OJ
2 oz of vegetable oil
3 oz of white vinegar
1 bunch dill
3 T honey
and he adds salt and pepper to taste
cut up the carrots like super tiny (maybe use one of those cool food chopper uppers like they have at camp) and then just mix everything together. it tastes best cold.
hope you enjoy

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