Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3 of the Adventure!

Wow, it rained all day yesterday and according to the Reno locals that Rain was quite a treat and much needed for this spring! Over to the Right you will notice I posted 2 Calendars...One is the Reno Challenge Calendar moderated by Georgette, on this calendar you will see the events going on for the Raw in Reno Challenge...The other Calendar is my Personal Schedule, this is to let the participants in Reno know what I am doing and the times I am available to do things...

So take the time to see what all is going on, as each day we will be adding new things to the Calendars and Believe me, You don't want to miss out on any of the bliss! Everyone here is Absolutely amazing and the enthusiasm and energy is off the Charts!!! :)

The picture is from our 1st raw food meal. I prepared Raw Ginger Mushroom Rice, Golden Beet Salad, with Collard Green Wraps and Ana Prepared her Awesome Raw Guacamole...We Drank Hot Tea and Had a Really Great Time...More Gatherings to Follow and we will be streaming many of them LIVE!

I have to Say The Food was Simple and Tasted So Wonderful! Here was the Menu:

Raw Mushroom and Ginger Rice:
Baby Carrots
baby bella mushrooms
Green Onions
1 lime
1 Tangerine
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Collard Greens for Wraps
Golden Beat Green Salad
Rosemary and Almond Dressing
Yiccama and Golden Beet Slices
Raw Almonds
1 Lemon
Sea Salt

Raw Guacamole
white onion
Celery Sticks for Scooping
Varieties of Lovely Hot Teas with
Raw Honey to Sweet if desired

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