Thursday, March 26, 2009

Special Guest~Claire~The Raw Bombshell

Congratulations all of you that have participated in Raw in Reno, I trust you’ve all had a great time and have loved eating raw and doing yoga. Thank you to Margo that has asked me for a contribution. I’ve had to decline doing a video due to an accident that has left my face in a mess but its healing and with all the raw goodness I’m sure it will be on the mend soon enough.

The Podcast that Claire has done for the Get Raw in Reno Challenge is Really Wonderful! I really connected with what she shares and I hope you will take the time to listen to it and then take the opportunity to visit her website and sign up for her Free Newsletter. I Signed up and I really enjoy her style and her info!

Hi, I’m Claire, The Raw Bombshell and if you’ve yet to come across my work, please check out my website

My turning point with my raw food journey was when I embarked on a 40 day yoga kriya combined with eating raw food in much the same way as you. This allowed me to get in touch internally with who I am. As the raw food works its magic within, it acts as a gateway to your inner being but it takes work in the form of self-development (yoga being a great tool) to move forward with the raw food journey.

What I love about my work is the opportunity I have to show you how to discover your inner bombshell, that’s what I call your inner essence. This is what makes you unique, what makes you you and allows you to walk with a sense of purpose and passion. The raw food is a portal for you to transform into an amazing being and to claim your raw story. This is a fun process and very enlightening.

I trust as you end the 30 days raw in reno that you have felt this stirring inside of you and that you are seeing the clarity of your life.

If you are looking for the next stage please come on over, sign up for my free eZine which details the latest programmes I’m running, check out my products and drop me an email and say hello.

Much love

Claire x

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