Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its been awhile.....I know

I truly love to post what I am doing, however I am still learning how to be more organized and get my blogs out in a timely manner....oh who am I kidding right?! You all know that I am just a gosh darn slacker when it comes to posting regularly....still love me?

Ok, I have been soooo busy, just like everyone, my life is just one crazy wonderful day after the other and when I am on top of my game, I am taking pictures and posting....I havent been on my game for a while now...I blame my personal life, but I am feeling like things are setteling down a bit and I can put my attention on what I love best...sharing what I am doing ( mostly though its the best way I have of remembering what I have done recently)...hehe. Seriously though, I have some great new pics and I am very hard at work on some very important projects close to my heart. I look forward to the day when I can share it with others!

I was so inspired by the Lovely Penni From Tulsa that I decided I was going to juice approx 3 pounds of greens daily. I am still eating food, I am just including the green juice and I have to say, I feel better because of it and deep down inside I knew I would!

Check out her Video, She is so delightful and this vid is so helpful!!!

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