Thursday, March 20, 2008

Workin on a New Thang

I thought I would update what I have been working on since the beginning of 2008.
This all began after I met an amazing group of supportive, light & love filled women in my community.
Through this group I met with an Intuitive Healer(The Mysterious Larkin) and an Intuitive Astrologer of 30 + years(Star Woman Extraordinaire). After meeting with these 2 woman I affirmed the path I was traveling was indeed the correct and authentic path for me and identified specific things I needed to do to heal and nurture myself, while continuing on my path.
I have listened to these wise women, my dreams and my heart.
I am not making any lofty claims and by no means consider myself to be an "expert" in the field of Raw & Living Foods, However I do have a deep love and desire to share "information" with people who are interested... and I am an expert at what has worked well for me.

I have come to realize that my purpose in life and what really brings me joy (outside of my family life) is spreading light and love through food. This was where I was headed when I was 33 but became unexpectedly blessed with my 3rd child Sage. I put my plans on hold, continuing to research and network online and live my Fresh Foods Lifestyle.
So now, here I am at a major crossroads in my life, it is thrilling and terrifying and I don't know what will happen.
But I can say without any doubts that I trust in the Universe & my Heart.
I do have the total support of my Husband Dietrich and my boys and that is incredibly important to me!
I sure have Fun meeting other people and look forward to where this new endeavor takes me! :)
I will be posting many new "how to videos" to share with my clients and well, anyone else who is interested, as well as my experience as I go...
I encourage everyone to live their dreams, that's why we are here!


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