Sunday, February 10, 2008

Juice Feast March 1st

Hello, My Hubby Dietrich and I are preparing to begin the Global Juice Feast, but like so many I can hardly wait till the 3-01-08 and feel that we may begin our Juice feasting journey a bit sooner than that...right now we are gathering all our supplements that we will be using and preparing ourselves, getting the kitchen organized. We are purchasing an Excalibar dehydrator this month and will be making the kids (we have 3) yummy Raw foods like pizza and crackers and all thier favorites while mom & dad are juice feasting. So this will be great, as I have never fasted before, and I know my organs could really use the break from digesting ect... Looking forward to sharing our Juice Feast with Ya'll and will be posting daily what were juicing. Here is to the Transformative Energy of Raw Fooders and Juice Feasters!!!

Peace & Love

1 Raw Girl

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