Thursday, February 21, 2008

1 Raw Girl Gets Juicy

Today February 21st 2008 1 Raw Girl begins the Juice Feasting. I start following the Full Blood Moon of last nights eclipse and look forward to this New Beginning in my life. Like some, I feel deeply compelled to begin my healing with juice feasting. I have been working up to this day for the last two weeks, practising, reading the posts of other courageous and inspiring JFsters. My Body has been communicating with me and I honor its request to begin my journey into this new landscape. I will not be as in detailed as some are, honestly I am not that disciplined. I will however post every day with what I juice. I will list my supplements when I take them. I will especially write my thoughts, feelings & experiance of this as I go and share this with you. For me this is a time of deep gratefulness. Without the Raw Community and the Growing Passion of Juice Feasters, I would, no doubt find it incredibly difficult to achieve this with any level of success on my own. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. I will be completely open and honest with myself & you. I am setting forth my intention, feel free to align with me, as I will be eternally grateful, and know that whatever your Intentions are for your life, if they are for the Highest Good of ALL, I align with you!

I am grateful for The Earth, My Life
My Family & All of You!

I Intend that I am Changing the Landscape of my Life, Body, Heart & Mind during Juice Feasting a minimum of 92 days. Being Patient, Loving & Truthful with my self and ending the 92 days with Total Optimal Health, again on every level of my being!

Do you Align with me?

Good! For the Highest Good of the Universe, For the Highest Good of All and For the Highest Good of Myself.....So Be IT! IT IS DONE!!

Luv 1 Raw & Now Juicy Girl


Michelle said...

Wow, what a great idea starting the Juice Feast with the cycle of the moon. I wish the best for you. I know how life changing it can be. Best wishes for an amazing journey!

I am on day 25. If you need any kind of support, let me know.

Heather said...

I am signed up for the Global Juice Feast on March 1st and the wait is driving me nuts! I just might have to start early.

I really look forward to reading about your juice feasting!!

Penni in Tulsa said...

Look at you go!! I am so delighted that your husband also has the vision and will be joining you. I believe this will be a time of deep and unique bonding for the two of you as you do it together. I will stay plugged in and I am glad you all are off and running!

1 Raw Girl said...

Michelle, Heather & Penni...Ladies Thank You for your words of encouragement and Support!! I am content today knowing this is a loving gift to experiance & share!