Sunday, January 27, 2008

Size 14 and Going Down...oh Yeah!

Here I am in front of my Banana Area, and I thought I would snap a shot of my bod, since most folks have never seen me from the neck down. I am so pleased because my size 14 jeans are becoming big on me. I am looking forward to buying new jeans in a month or two..hehe doesnt take much to make me! I can tell you that at my heaviest I was in a size 22-23 and so this is nice, not ideal, but very nice in comparison.


shannonmarie said...

You look great, and the bananas do, too :-)

Life is about: said...

Thanks Sweetie!!:)
I cant wait to try your Cookies out they are Awesome, I think I gained 10 pds just looking at the Pic...hehe

shannonmarie said...

Don't worry. A few cookies can't hurt. When I eat this stuff, I just balance the rest of my day out with fresh fruits and veggies, green smoothies and light soups and salads. Never deprive your sweet-tooth.