Tuesday, January 29, 2008


What an amazing Team and Treasure Heidi and JS are in The Raw Food World!
I was totally unprepared for their mention of my blog in their new article...I had no idea they were going to mention me, especially when their are sooo many incredible people to choose from, so when I saw it, Well, Words cannot describe how much it means to me!!
Raw Food is So Beautiful and Sharing my Love of it with anyone who is interested is what I love doing most (aside from being with my beautiful family)!

So Thank You Heidi and JS, You've made my Year and boy do I have some more awesome recipes to share with everyone, so stay tuned...
1 raw girl is just gettin started!



candice said...

hey there!!
I've been dying to try this raw food thing but I'm just not sure what involved, or how to do it..



1 Raw Girl said...

hey Candee,

I emailed you but dont know if you recieved it. feel free to ask any questions, If i dont know the answer I can point you in the right direction:)

1 raw girl