Saturday, December 8, 2007

Its Day..ummm cant count, But I am Still Raw

Yes, its true, I work, I sleep(when Im not networking with all the wonderful Raw People online) and I Eat Raw, I feel so so so much better and I picked the perfect time to go all raw. I have been noticing little changes that are actually big to me, like I am less hungry, cooked foods make you so ravenous and then overeating is the damaging activitie that leads to all kinds of unpleasant harm. So When I am eating, my body tells me simply when its had enough and the mental urge to keep stuffing is just not there. I feel more in balance. If I eat more than what I need, I am not racked with guilt or frustration, I know that I am ok, and stress is passing better. And apart from my 2 teenage boys trying to drive me insane from time to time, I just feel as though the food is nourishing me on a deeper level than cooked food can. Any one who is Raw knows that this lifestyle is Magically delicious.....Earth Magic...mmm....yum!

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