Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 5 which is 1/2 way through 10..hehehe

Still Raw and Feeling Pretty Darn Good! I have been eating very well and am amazed at how the HUNGER you feel pulling at you while on cooked, is very small on Raw....I make sure to snack on my fruit and crackers, drinking plenty o water and lunch and dinner are veggie full...I am very contented, and I believe that it is calming my mind as well....yippee. Dinner was very good, I took a large amount of Mazuma Greens and in the food processesor added cauliflower, tomatoe, red onion, added a small bit of liquid aminoes to taste and lemon & nutritional yeast...I try to keep these things minimal, soon I will phase out the aminoes, in time...then I added my 3 soaked almonds and had some of my delicious tomatoe crackers with it.
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