Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 4 Raw and Sleepy

I am feeling kinda low energy today, I think I am detoxing and my bods just trying to do its thing....Naturally... I am full of God only knows...I kinda know too, but hey thats why I am Raw dang nabit. So I have eaten the norm, apples, Bananas, My Crackers and for lunch & Dinner Raw Slaw with Liver Boosting Beets & Habinero Stuff on the side....My Hubby made it : Beets, Habinero Pepper, Orange, Cranberries, & Carrot....it twas good!!!
....I have also had a Couple of my Sticky Finger Cookies as well.....
Sendin out Raw Luv........ 1 Raw Girl

Heres the Pics....

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